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Reflective Essay at the End of the Semester

Reflective Essay at the End of the Semester

Reflective Essay at the End of the Semester

When I first began the class, I was not sure what to expect. As a matter of fact I was leaning toward the English 114 class because of its focus on communication skills, but then I began to think learning to write an effective argument in my line of work is also important. This journey has been enlightening and challenging all at once and well worth the trip.

I would with Chapter one, Recognizing Arguments and Finding Issues. In this chapter we learn the definition of argument, how it is use and who uses it. Although that wasn't so much of a surprise the organization that it taught will be helpful from this point forward to better prepare a written argument. We were introduce to Traditional (convincing their audience to side with them and accept their points) and Consensual arguments (to find common ground on an issue and solution on which everyone can agree). There is no doubt that there are times in our life when both arugment styles have their place.

My personal favorite The chapter helps you to identify you personal style

  • Think about what you learned as you completed each assignment – about writing, argument, research, yourself? How did you learn from each assignment? Why did each assignment work or not work for you? (Even if you didn’t enjoy an assignment, it was still a learning experience, right?)
  • Notice your writing process from pre-writing to final draft. What changes did you make from one draft to the next? Did revision always improve your writing? (It might not have, but it was still a learning experience, right?) What did you learn from revising?
  • Notice how your writing process changed from the very beginning of the course to the very end. What changed or improved? What would you still like to change and improve?
  • Think about your thought process. Has your thinking about writing, argument, or research changed at all? Have your thoughts about college writing changed? Your thoughts about academic writing?
  • Examine the order of the assignments and how the course was laid out. Did this impact your learning?
  • Do you see trends in your writing? What can you learn from those?

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y first goal with my grades, but the semester is not over. I am studying for my finals, and am going to do my best until the last day. I have learned that just because I did not reach my goal the first time, I shouldn't give up; I need to go back at it and keep trying until I do make it. If I give up I am letting myself down, and those who believe in me. Another goal was to open up, and not let my past control me. Throughout high school, I did not socialize or meet new people. I always kept myself busy with four advance placement classes, four jobs, and four varsity sports. I never had time for friends. I got to college, and I had a chance to start fresh, and I did. I spoke to other girls in my hall, and opened up. I became social.
With being social, comes responsibility. Not only did I need to be responsible for myself, but also keep an eye on my friends. Responsibility was not just making smart choices, but also staying on top of school work and other activities. The moment I realized I was truly responsible for all.

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First Semester Reflections - CAS Goes Classic

My first semester of college has been a unique learning experience. While I was first overwhelmed with the seemingly unending possibilities that such a large campus offers, I think that I have settled in and learned a lot in the process.

One of the major contributing factors to my success in RCL, and at Penn State in general, has been the multitude of relationships that I have formed with new friends and professors. This semester, I truly enjoyed learning from each one of my professors. Whenever I had questions about assignments, I knew that my professors would be more than willing to accommodate me and answer any of my questions. My classmates have also contributed to my success inside and outside of the classroom. No matter the class, I knew that I could turn to those around me for additional explanation and support.

One factor that has inhibited my success is the workload this semester. While I like my classes, the homework that has to be completed outside of class has been a challenge. I’ve found that when I have twenty things I need to do, I spend too much time stressing out about them rather than dividing my tasks into manageable pieces and not letting them overwhelm me.

Areas in which I have succeeded include organization, time management, and teamwork. Unlike my high school track record, I have not picked up the habit of losing important papers or forgetting about important assignments. I also feel like I learned how to work well and timely in a group setting. On the other hand, I have struggled with procrastination and stress management throughout the semester. Learning how to cope with the amount of work, my busy schedule, and the resulting stress has been a challenging process. Procrastination sometimes appears as the easy way out when really, it actually keeps me from doing my best work.

Overall, I have to learned how to stay organized, work well in teams, and keep track of my schedule during my first semester. In RCL specifically, I’ve gained a new mindset for analysis and critical thinking when it comes to rhetoric. While I still have a lot left to learn about translating my thoughts into a well-written, insightful essay, my RCL experience has greatly contributed to these skills and to my overall understanding of my civic duties.

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Priya Bose says:

You have had to deal with the same issues that I have had to deal with this semester: time management and stress over the workload. Although these problems tend to reduce productivity, I have focused more on doing the assignments, and the stress pushes me to complete then on time. I have found a way to use the stress as my motivation for completing the work. Having a good social network is a good thing, as it provides a supportive team that you can rely on, when the stress gets to be too much to handle.

Priya Bose says:

You have had to deal with the same issues that I have had to deal with this semester: time management and stress over the workload. Although these problems tend to reduce productivity, I have focused more on doing the assignments, and the stress pushes me to complete then on time. I have found a way to use the stress as my motivation for completing the work. Having a good social network is a good thing, as it provides a supportive team that you can rely on, when the stress gets to be too much to handle.

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First Semester Writing Reflection

Blog: Try to identify patterns: issues I used to comment on and on which you’ve since improved, and issues on which I continue to comment. After reading through my comments, reflect in your blog first about your successes responding to writing feedback this year: improvements you’ve achieved in response to my feedback. Then, set some forward-looking writing goals for issues on which my feedback suggests you should continue to focus.

After looking through Mr. Parker’s comments on my writing pieces from the first semester, I realized that there were a few patterns that came up. One of them is the use of passive voice. Before this year, I had no clue what the passive voice was, and when I encountered the comment that corrected it in one of my essays, I went to the link on the comment and learned what it is. Now, whenever I write I look out for the passive voice and correct it whenever I can. This is one goal I can work on this semester. The next thing is introducing quotes with a small analysis. Before, I just wrote the quote with not much information before it, but I noticed in many of my essays, Mr. Parker said I should introduce the quote with some analysis. So, now when I write, I am aware of this and put a good amount of analysis before quotes. Another pattern I recognized is condensing body paragraphs into about 2/3 of a page (double-spaced) because I learned from Mr. Parker (and myself after reading my essay) that it is quite a burden on the reader to glance at such a long paragraph for a while; it gets pretty boring and tedious. To fix this problem, I delete useless facts and information and try to get to the main point with good analysis while staying within 2/3 of a page per paragraph. To go with this, I might as well add that I should try to write as clearly and to the point as possible. I noticed this in a few of my essay drafts; that some comments would often ask to clarify or rephrase the sentence. I think this is a good goal for me to focus on this semester. The last main pattern I realized is staying organized between each paragraph. In other words, I need to stay focused on one topic per paragraph. To do this, I plan on organizing my outline better so that each paragraph clearly says what my main idea is an what evidence I will use to support it. Moreover, I feel like I have succeeded in writing analyses for quotes; if I reflect back on my writing last year, I see a tremendous difference in my ability to analyze quotes. I think each pattern I mentioned is a good goal for me to work on this semester.

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History Reflection Essay

History Reflection Essay

My first semester as a college student was pretty difficult, but nothing that I can’ adapt to. The workloads were heavy and the time was limited, which was a real wake up call for me. As I reflect on the experience I had during my first semester in college, I’ll focus on all that I have learned and accomplished in my WISE History course. I will also explain the role that technology played within this course, and how I benefitted from it.

A specific topic that I’ve learned about in my WISE History course that stuck out to me the most was on Ancient Greece. Not having any prior knowledge other than the known fact that they had gods and goddesses, I came out of the course learning more than I expected to learn. I am now aware of all the things that came from Ancient Greece that has influenced America significantly. Prior to the course, I had no idea that the governing principal democracy came from Athens. I also did not know that the Olympics originated there as well. Discovering these facts about history has made the course that much more fun being in. The topic of Ancient Greece stuck out to me because there was information that I felt like I should have already known.

Focusing on what I have learned this semester brings me to discuss the cultural analysis paper that I did on Ancient Greece. In the paper, I analyzed the aspects of Ancient Greece that was the most influential to modern day societies. With completing this assignment I was able to explain what I thought was the most important influences, and express all of my new knowledge on the subject to the reader. I learned how to analyze rather than report, as well as writing in historical context.

In this history course the use of technology was demanded. There were multiple assignments, quizzes, and other general information about the course that was to be found on an online blog site. Assignments such as blogs were required for the course. This taught me how to write according to the rhetorical situation. Blogs were not to be as formal as other academic writings. Incorporating the use of technology made the course interesting.

In conclusion, I learned many things during my first semester of college. In this WISE History course I learned about all things that occurred during the ancient world. I learned some things that I feel as a U.S citizen I should know. With the information, and incorporation of the use of technology, this course has successfully stimulated my mind. I feel that I learned all that I could in one semesters time.

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A reflective note 1 discussing my experience in taking the course of academic writing this semester

I have improved my writing skills in this semester. for sure. I think the best thing that I have understood is organization of work. It is such an important thing as structure of work makes your writing logically bounded. coherent and gives you plan of your work. I have learnt how to write for and against/opinion essays and in which order I should write paragraphs. Also. I improved my knowledge about thesis statement and topic sentence. I found out a lot of useful information about plagiarism. what is plagiarism / and what is not plagiarism. how to use references in the right way without plagiarism. I think iI improved my vocabulary too. thanks to my peers and their works. Moreover. I have learnt how to use Google in the right way. I mean the difference in the in searching with quotes and without them .

I have a lot of things that I would like to improve in my writing. The main problem for me now is too wordy sentences and overgeneralization. An average length of a sentence in English about 28-30 words. but I have senrences that consist of 40 and 50 words! Also. there is a problem of starting to write for me ( I think a lot of my peers has the same problem). I will focus on this things firstly. but I also have a lot of grammar errors. which I want to avoid in the future ( but I think grammar errors it is personal and it is no belong to my Acadeimic writing classes. but anyway I think it is an important area too ). I would like to write new works. because I think only possible way of avoiding such problems is experience. which comes with essays works and writing tasks.

I think writing a blog was a very useful experience and I want to continue working in such way and there is some big pluses of this kind of work. First. it is very very comfortable thing for my peers and teacher. I mean I can write my work and recieve comments from my peers immediately. I think it is better to teacher to check our works in front of the computer than work with a big amount of papers. Second, I can use my blog not only for my Academic writng tasks. but also for just reading some other people interesting blogs from all over the world .

In general. I like this course. because I find it very useful and interesting form of studying Academic writing. but there is some problems in our oraganization too. The main problem is late works. I am talking not about my peers. but I am talking about myself. I know that I have such a problem and appologize for it. I will try to do my works in time in the next semester. Also. I will comment on my peers work every new week. I apologize for this attitude and I will focus on this problem in the next semester. Actually. I like the course. because I believe it is help me to improve my writing skills.

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thank you for reflecting on your experience during the first semester. I think you have managed to point out some of the essantial features of your experience in taking this course in the first semester. Indeed, having compared your writing in the beginning and the end of the semester, I could not but notice improvements in it from the point of view of its content and organisation. You are right too that you should pay more attention to your grammar. If you look below, you can see that all the problems you have in this note are connected with it. I am sure too that you could avoid them if you were more attentive. I hope you will overcome this problem to some extent in the second semester.

I am glad that you have a positive opinion about peer-editing and hope you will continue commenting on your peers’ works in the future.

I wish you a productive and interesting semester and hope you will be able to improve your writing further during it. Wish you good luck with it!

improved my writing skills *in (prep) this semester
knowledge about ART thesis statement and topic sentence
An average length of a sentence in English LINK VERB! about 28-30 words
a lot of my peers *has (WNum) the same problem
Gr: it is no belong to my Acadeimic writing classes – wrong auxiliary verb
I think ART only possible way of avoiding such ART problem
it is very ART very *comfortable (ww) thing for my peers and ART teacher
Gr: a big *amount of papers – is “amount” used with countable nouns such as “papers”?
Gr: I believe it is help me

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Reflection on semester one and setting goals for this semester

Reflection on semester one and setting goals for this semester

- Learnt new skills on InDesign, a programme i wasn’t skilled in our familiar with.
- Learning how to critically analyse my work
- Had problems with sticking to when and where i would work, wouldn’t stick with a time table.
- had trouble Noting down research and making quick decisions about what worked well and what didn’t as a project.

- Take risks and do new things
- Work in new ways
- Do a bit of work each day, instead of leaving things last minute and cramming everything into one or two days.
- Get diary and start getting organised, give yourself goals each day to balance work out
- Research into how to create new things i’ve never done before, such as motion graphics and creating videos.
- Never be afraid to ask, always ask tutors or other students how to do things so it can help me learn new skills and find new ways of learning.

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Thomas Korte
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Reflection paper
Thomas Korte
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Reflection paper

This semeseter definetly has been an interesting to say the least. I have grown a lot over the course of the semester and would not have acquired the skills I have today if I had not taken the classes I did this semester.
One of the biggest things that I learned about myself this semester was that I can not procrastinate any longer. I spent too much time this semester trying to catch up to work that should have been done a long time ago. I was always staying up late trying to catch up with homework, losing countless hours of sleep. I cant tell you all of the nights I spent all night awake studying. It would even carry over to tests. I would not study for tests until the night before. Im surprised I have as decent grades as I do.
One of the things that surprised me the most about college and siue was just all of the free time that is allowed even with your schedule. I was always just sitting around waiting for my next class. I actually don’t like it that much. I need the structure that was offered in high school. I liked knowing that I always had class till 3 o clock and then I would have football practice till 7. After practice I would always have work. Now with college I only have a couple classes a day and between classes I just sit in the Morris University Center and do nothing. I mean I cant say that I don’t mind the free time every now and then. It can be quite relaxing and peaceful but eventually it just becomes boring. While I just sit there I don’t do my homework which brings me back to my procrastination habit.
My biggest challenge that I faced this semester was probably my Biology class. I am enrolled in Bio 111 and it was not what I expected at all. I took all the homework and projects for granted. When it came time to do the first exam I just completely blew it off and didn’t bother studying for it. I ended up.

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