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Sleeping While Doing Homework Clip

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Dani - Barefoot Under Control

Updated: 8/8/16 4:43pm

Schoolgirl Dani enters the Mad Scientists room and is controlled by a magic ring. The Mad Scientist makes her rob the school, put on a Jeannie costume, walk like a sleepwalker and faint a lot of times.

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  • Snooki - Barefoot KOed & Carried OTS

    Category: EYE CROSSING

    Updated: 7/30/16 6:49pm

    Snooki lays on the couch, when a guy enters the room. He tells her, that he is an actor and he needs to carry a woman within his next movie, so he could need some practise. He sends a hit to her head with a bat, so she faints and falls over his shoulder. First she is carried in high heels and blue jeans. During the clip both is removed. Overall there are 5 carrying scenes and 7 head kos and one can see Snookie's eyes rolled or crossed. While asleep Snooki's bare feet and soles are posed to the cam.

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  • Melody & Sabrina - Controlled by a Magic Ring

    Category: MAGIC CONTROL

    Updated: 7/24/16 1:07pm

    Sabrina sits on the couch when a guy enters the room and wants her to hide his magic ring. He asks her not to use the ring, but when Melody appears she tries it on her. Melody is under her control and she orders her to remove the shoes, clean up the room and knock herself out. When Sabrina leaves, Melody wakes up and she wants her revenge.

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  • Avery - Barefoot vs Invisible Boxer

    Category: FEMALE BOXING

    Updated: 7/17/16 2:52pm

    Avery hears a boxing bell, but after a moment she misses her opponent. Suddently she is hit by an invisible boxer, her eyes roll back and she ends out on the floor. This happens a lot of times and before passing out she can see little birdies or stars.

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  • Jenni - Freezed Barefoot

    Updated: 7/17/16 2:49pm

    Jenni enters the room for a photoshooting but when the photographer uses a flash she is freezed, so she can't move or blink with her eyes. This happens a few times and during the clip her high heels are removed.

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  • Lina - Barefoot Limp Play

    Category: LIMP FETISH

    Updated: 7/10/16 2:35pm

    Lina comes home from the nightshift while her roommate plays a video game. He is a magician, that can make people faint with a finger snip. When he is to loud, Lina complains about it. He snips with his finders and she faints. This happens a lot of times and while asleep the guy poses her feet and moves her limp body.

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  • Serena - Barefoot Apartment KO

    Category: EYE CROSSING

    Updated: 7/3/16 12:27pm

    Serena is looking for a new apartment and she thinks the guy who opened the door, is the accommodation broker. But it is the FeetandSleep guy who does a casting to find new sleepy models. So he knocks Serena out a few times to find out, if she is talented. Serena crosses or rolls her her eyes and she can hear birdies before passing out.

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  • Angel - Nylon Robbing

    Category: EYE CROSSING

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    Angel enters the room and her roommate wants to have shoes and nylons for his girlfriend. He sends a hit to her head with a giant bat, so her eyes go cross and she faints on the floor. This happens many times and while asleep he removes her nylons.

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  • Natalia - Barefoot vs Invisible Boxer

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    Natalia hears a boxing bell, but after a moment she misses her opponent. Suddently she is hit by an invisible boxer, her eyes go cross, then they roll back and she ends out on the floor. This happens a lot of times and before passing out she can see little birdies or stars.

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  • Becky - Barefoot Lottery Faint

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  • Sleep individual homework

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    I wish I could remember my first ejaculation, but I can't remember it at all. I know I was older than 15 by the time it happened. The two places I used to masturbate at home were on my bed or in the bath, so I think it must have happened during bathtime; otherwise the clean-up would have stuck in my mind. After all, I had no idea that an ejaculation would one day happen, so there is no way that I would have had anything to hand for dealing with that. Whatever, thankfully again, although I didn't know what this sticky stuff was, for some reason it never worried me. I just enjoyed playing this game with myself.

    What I do remember very clearly is that I did all this very quietly, never making any noise. My bedroom was next to the living room ("lounge"), and my bed was against the wall with the living room just on the other side. I didn't feel fear or shame, but it simply never dawned on me to make any noises while masturbating. That all changed after I left home at age 25, and suddenly a whole new experience opened up as I found myself grunting and groaning and making sounds that I eventually found out are normally associated with this sexual self-pleasuring. Ah, yes, and I also discovered lubrication, so you can now add those squishes and squelches, too. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    One thing I very much regret from school is a missed opportunity. I guess I was probably 14 when I and another boy from my year were asked to help do a stock check by counting the various textbooks that were kept in store. During the lunch break for a whole week, after we had eaten, we were to go into this room, stacked high with books on shelves, and one of us would count the books while the other wrote down the numbers. We decided to take it in turns each day, and the first day, he was a few rungs up the ladder counting, while I had a clip board to write down the numbers he was calling out. His hips were just about level with my shoulder, and after only a few minutes he looked down from his perch and said, "You know what would be really nice right now? If you undid my zip and got it out to play with" — and then as if to clinch the idea, "You'll be up here tomorrow, and then I'll do the same for you." I got the zip down okay, but was a bit clumsy trying to get his penis out from inside his Y-fronts (which was the only style of underwear that we all wore then, similar to American "tighty-whiteys"), so he stopped for a moment and got it out himself, and then we had a wonderful time for the remainder of the lunch period with him up the ladder counting while I played with his penis in between writing down the numbers. The next day I did indeed enjoy the feeling of his hands getting mine out to be played with in return as our roles were reversed. Both of us had grown more by then and had something big enough to grab and to fondle, and we both got very stiff erections while playing like this, but that's all we did! Naive or what? Why did it never occur to us to take this further? Why didn't I suggest it? Why didn't he suggest it? I had already discovered masturbation without knowing what it was, but the thought never even crossed my mind that other boys were themselves doing this, too. What fun it would have been if we had found somewhere more private out of school where we could have masturbated together!

    I always had pajamas for bed, cotton in summer and winceyette in winter, but it was absolutely forbidden to keep on any underwear at the same time because it was regarded as very unhealthy to wear in bed anything we wore during the day. But on returning from that summer camp in the summer of 1966 I thought, Hey, why bother putting on anything at all? And I found it sooooo comfortable to sleep naked that I've been totally bare in bed ever since: summer, spring, autumn, and winter!

    As soon as I had my own place, I immediately started to stay nude after getting out of bed in the mornings, going naked around the house and not dressing until it was time to open up the curtains. I live alone, and when friends stay overnight I always tell them that's what I do, and it is great when they sometimes join in and do likewise, enjoying the fantastic camaraderie of male communal nudity together.