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    The Twin Blades of Azzinoth - Item - World of Warcraft

    Comments Comment by Shrek

    The Blades of Azzinoth are a set of weapons wielded by Illidan. Azzinoth was a Doomguard commander whom Illidan slew 10,000 years ago. After looting the demon's twin warglaives he trained himself to use them. He has become exceedingly efficient with the weapons.

    These weapons are famous as GM weapons, and have been linked to in various datamining posts and in various videos taken from illegal servers.

    They are the only known artifact that might eventually be in the game, and whose stats are known.

    Comment by Shrek

    Delete me please :)

    Comment by Smellysocks

    While they are the most known of real artifact items, the only other artifact item still in the game and a legitiment item is Alex's Ring of Audacity. Which is by far the best thing ever because upon equipping the item, you get +1000 Defense and "Consider yourself born again hardcore!"

    These are the only two infamous GM items left in the game.

    Comment by depthad

    GM weapon, spotted on early test servers around patch 1.2. Later datamined by the masses.

    Comment by Thursdae Comment by elaNge

    I'd vendor it for the 600g :P

    Comment by Bull3t

    Except Game Master's play exactly the same way as normal players, they have no special features or cheats that they can enable legally, so this item would not have been a Game Master's weapon.

    Unless, of course I am wrong.

    Comment by Carighan

    I would be more interested in the looks of these, tbh. I suspect the two blades Illidan wields, OTOH that might be a bit dull as a look.

    Although then again. Atiesh looks dull too, and still spiff because it is the Atiesh shown in WC3.

    Comment by smoore701

    Heh. They could never be released as in game items, too overpowered.

    Comment by Hyde

    I doubt they would put anything like this in the game. Even for level 70 that is extremely powerful. The resistances are even godly as you would need little more to do anything.

    Comment by shoeshine

    I've heard that this might be equivalent to the Eye of Rag dropping off of Rag. So, some super rare drop that you'll get off the next end game boss.

    Hopefully it will look as cool as the stats suggest.

    Comment by Xanathaar

    If they are going to add it as a player weapon they will adjust stats and damage on it, its way too powerful on a level 70 character. Not even 2 handers in BC reach that kind of DPS.

    Comment by kazamx

    Edit: Stupid comment sorry

    Comment by Reliky

    Aye I agree that they'd nerf the stats, I mean they would have to, that's just crazy DPS >_>

    Comment by MysticFFS

    Definatly a GM weapon.
    Anything with that much DPS would annihilate everyone.

    Comment by Garcian

    Hmm, I think it would be kind of odd for any player to actually get this in the expansion. I'm sure people aren't going to actually kill him (not unlike Kel'Thuzad). So the only way to get these are if he leaves them behind, but seeing that these are Illidan's main weapons, and he holds on to them all the time, it seems unlikely.

    Comment by enotrai

    I believe these weapons were simply added to the game for GMs to show off, I doubt they'd be added to the game, at least in their current form.

    Comment by Adilur

    This is totaly fake item. No one see it.

    Comment by iamaddictedtowow

    I don't know if anyone has seen the video of the Tier 5 gear, but about half way through the video, they show the rogue gear, and the rogue wields twin blades that look much like Illidan's.

    Enjoy the gear too ;) Looks pretty sweet, especially Warriors and Pallies. Rogues look like turds. Oh, and a little flying mount preview too.

    Comment by helperextreme

    The funny thing about this weapon is when you combine them they get smaller but when you break them apart they regain their normal size.

    Comment by flipmanic13

    I agree, though this is a level 70 weapon, it still has the most DPS in the entire game, even outbeating two handed weapons, but I assume this will be extremely difficult to get because from what I hear you have to kill Illidan at a level 70 raid instance. So good luck with that =P.

    Comment by Golgoroth

    "OMG wher dose dis sik wepun drp from. I wan it for my lvl36 Rouge!!1" or "That is so a Hunter weapon!"

    Many will be those cries, and they won't be alone. Every melee class, or even class that has even a shred of melee combat abiltiy, and their dog will want to get their hands on this beautiful piece of. what ever it's made of. In fact, I play a Warlock, and I would love to jump out from behind a bush somewhere in Nagrand and surprise that poor Warrior with a Fear and a few good jabs to the side.

    I never want to face someone using these though. 1400 attack power versus Demons? You people who complain about Felguards, you should be ashamed. Now some Rogue can come out and one-shot him, or some Mage, or almost anything really.

    If this becomes a real weapon, even if it is downgraded, then i like this direction. It's good that like Atiesh, Thunderfury and Sulfuras, Blizzard are making gear that is good for an assortment of classes but still making them so they are better suited to two or three classes more than any other.

    This thing is really in a league of it's own at the moment (even compared to some of the released Burning Crusade epic items) though. It's usable by most classes, useful to most classes (though better for some more than others) and knock up their opposition so bad that even the Spirit Healer says "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do with this one. We've lost 'em. "

    I can't really say that any melee class is more deserving of this than another. A Warrior could tank or dps with it, a Rogue can mulsh enemies with it and a Paladin or a Hunter could really put that 150 Intellect to use. But no one class, I don't think, could really say that they MUST have this over another.

    Also, I'm sure if this item is added, then I think Blizzard would come up with a plausible way for it to drop. They pay people good money to do that sort of thing after all.

    Reality, or at least some glimmer of hope tells me that if this weapon becomes available, at these stats or anything like them, then the gear available to other classes will be almost as incredible as Twin Blades are.I don't think Blizzard would go so far as to make one item that if obtained, would make you a god. There would have to be gear as good. Well, almost as good, because it is above legendary after all.

    Sorry if that's a little long but the moral of the story is, kids, don't anger a GM. He'll mess you up bad. Real bad.

    And one last thing.

    Illidan wields these. Illidan was almost killed by Arthas. Imagine what the Frostmourne will be like.

    Comment by darkrebel08

    I would like to see this in the game, but as being an artifact it would be smart if blizz makes it very rare to the point where only a few people per server will have them. Just my opinion.

    Comment by Fabricated

    Considering Frostmourne was an evil, cursed weapon to begin with I dunno if Blizz will let you get and equip it or purify it through a questline. That and it is THE lore item for the whole series now, so it'd be kinda weak to have a bunch of hardcore catasses running around with it after whatever expansion Arthas is put in drops.

    Comment by Xenu

    To me, this weapon appears fake in the way that the model is. It just doesn't look like a sword to me. More of a fist weapon or even a new class of weapons? Still something of its nature would deffinitly force players to play and pay the next subscription :P Anyone else's thoughts?

    Comment by Slange

    The original one-handed weapons Illidan wields and this origin from are called glaives, which aren't in the game (at least not for now). This weapon would probably be a fist weapon if we ever saw it in-game.

    Comment by Coolicer

    I say they might be in WoW but like Blizz said: 'We're aiming at realeasing an expansion every year" so I guess you'll get some "Broken" or damaged blades of Illidian, which gives a similair quest as Ashbringer (You can forge an even more powerful Ashbringer in BC. or so the quest says) which eventually links to an expansion beyond BC

    Comment by Killa

    The Model file for these swords is more of a glaive from wc3TFT.
    There is some false facts on these sword's seen in the picture. One They are from a private server. I know this because on most servers ( real blizz ) they exist but dont drop. BUT they are set as legendary. 1 per charecter. When you do forming you get back 2 peices. and when u do this you get ONE warglaive. You cannot pickup 2. And by the screenshot showing somone weilding two of them. This makes it impossible for somone to actually weild them legitly

    Comment by smirch

    The resistances would make locks shiver and shake, plus mages would have to do something other than jump and spam arcane explosion in pvp.

    Comment by Arballador


    you can hate me for my caps but i explain all this inside my comment on the weapon martin thunder. WHich is clearly fake

    P.S. stop talking about fake weapons that you'll never get and by then your bank account will be gone :)

    Comment by Oren

    Not practical, if this weapon did ever exist in the expansion for lvl 70's after a gruling epic quest; it would instantly become PvP/PvE over ballance. You cant put it in the game without totaly ruining the ballance of the game, and blizzard ist going to reballance the entire game, for the cost of one godly weapon.

    Comment by Funkmeister

    I, for one, doubt that you will be able to actually kill Illidan, since he's a legend. I know the same could be said about Kel'Thuzad, but I doubt wether he's really dead. He'll come back. Back to topic: I think the Illidan-encounter will end similar do Majordomo Executus, he'll say something at 0% and then disappear.

    Comment by Xukimonde

    I assume that we will not be seeing Aritfact items attainable by the community.

    Legendary items, yes, but something that Blizzard has deemed as an artifact is unlikely to ever fall into the hands of the players, regardless of what it's stats are. Even if something like this were indeed implemented, it would likely be "downgraded" to legendary status.

    There is no need for yet another ridiculous level of item rarity.

    Comment by jubaka91

    If you read the whole items stats you'll notice thats its a one handed sword so you can dual wield with it.

    Comment by jubaka91

    It's unique but that just means you cant dual wield 2 of them you could dual wield with something else.

    Comment by speedypetey

    This sword looks AWESOME! i wish i could port myself to lvl 70 and kill Illidan and use it. but i doubt blizz would ever let drop until Illidan dies for the 100th time its gonna be like the rarest drop ever dont even think that u'll get it. id just forget about getting it but just examining it. if it ever does drop tho. then everyone else who doesnt have it. beware

    Comment by jubaka91

    i think dual weild this with thundery fury.

    Comment by Gaghiel

    Should be fist weapons, imo. Don't exclude shaman!

    Comment by Arballador

    GMS don't need weapons plus you can't see them unless they want to be seen in which they just wear blue robes. Here try this get a help request and ask a GM politely whether they have weapons. Every time they'll tell you "why would we need weapons"

    Comment by clokverkorange

    deleted for redundancy

    Comment by clokverkorange

    What would be awesome is if only one hardcore person per server could get the weapon. Kindof like Atiesh - even though a lot of people can grab it, how many actually have? The event could be similar to the opening of Ahn`Quiraj - a one time server event that would leave that one person with one of the most awesome weapons in the game.

    The only unfortunate thing in an event like that is - what happens if the person quits the game?

    What Blizzard needs to do is give their GMs more power in-game to reward players, more like the old Everquest system was set up. GMs could run GM events and reward players with specially made items there on the spot. I remember once, a Rogue picked up a title (the Silent Blade, if I remember right) and a dagger with 1 damage, 1 delay, and +1 to every stat (delay was different in Everquest). The dagger had his name on it. Things like that make a game all the more exciting and playable, and serve to kill the boredom of doing scripted events over. and over. and over. just to get the same Tier 5 the top guilds on your server have already had since day 4 of the BC launch.

    Comment by frague

    you guys are kidding if people had this ingame and only a few people had them what would be the point in continuing the game at all, its so amazing amd i do hope it isnt ingame, think of what it would cause on pvp realms

    Comment by Squirldude

    MY theory on this weapon:
    I'm just guessing here but ill bet that this drops either from Illidan himself during battle, bodyguards/adds that he spawns, or other bosses in Black Temple to use against Illidan and make him possibly beatable. you'll either want to give this to your MT so he maintains aggro easily or to a sword rogue. but he'll need to hold back quite a bit or he'll pull aggro and be pwnd instantly. none of this is confirmed but i thought about this sword: from pre-BC and when i saw it in the weapons list on thottbot i had the same reaction as when i saw this one. my jaw dropped to the desk!

    Comment by Squirldude

    Thats what i was trying to say. you can only use this baby in Black Temple against Illidan. if you read the In Development Section @ it clearly states you will be able to kill Illidan.

    Comment by Frodaddy

    if this weapon were ever to drop in black temple. it would have to go to ur MT. mainly because it would be IMPOSSIBLE to hold agro against a rogue with this weapon equiped if they had it. even though it will probably never be put in game, it is still a amazing weapon and that google vid of the tier 5 shows the rogue with them equiped. which looks hawt.

    Comment by jubaka91

    y the hell would it go to a warrior it has 150 freakin intellect it should go to a hunter or a pallly if it does go to the pally you have him attempt to tank then

    Comment by jubaka91

    ive heard that when you fight him he runs/flys away at 1% health

    Comment by Frodaddy

    haha i think u r a pali that thinks he can dps =D

    sry to break it to u man but if ur in a guild that is capable of downing this guy then this weapon would go to either the MT of the guild leader if it can be used by them for the just cause of downing him. plus i want to learn my skillz faster with the 150 intel ^_^

    Comment by noobish

    This weapon surely a fake. For 1 simple fact, who can dual wield swords. answer: warrior and rogue. I don't see them need +int for the start. If you guys still think that this sword meant to be hunter, is illidan a hunter? illidan is purely a melee class and dont use any bow or gun. is he?
    If someone wanna make a fake illidan sword. please at least consider it to be more realistic. )
    Dont ever think that this is a drop sword because it doesn't suit any class that blizzard ever make for this game. I haven't seen a GM wandering in the game using this game also and i dont know how they character played in the game. but the question is. what is the +int got to do with high dps melee class weapon.

    Comment by jubaka91

    srry not a pally im a freakin hunter and i know i can dps so what now

    Comment by cmekillu

    How do u get these items. I dont understand. can someone please pst me in the game my name is cmedestroyu im a nightelf hunter i just hit 39 i am just curious so please pst me.

    Comment by SlippyHippy

    When detatched, do theses have the original WC3 graphic on them?

    It's time for some PANDA-monium!

    This came about as Blizz's ard director Samwise Didier, is obsessed with Panda Bears. He is also the guy in the picture you see when a spell/item has no icon.

    Comment by freedog537

    In my opinion the blades of azzinoth will PROBABLY drop from illidan but the stats will be reduced a lot

    Comment by Unholysergeant

    Quote from Blizzard:
    "You won't so much as kill him, but you'll more just get in his way" Him being Illidan.
    Why would some puny mortals be able to kill a powerful demi-demon with an even more powerful force on his side? Exactly.

    On to the blades:
    If Blizzard put these in, do you know how much complaining they will be receiving?
    Just because they look awesome, and you have fantasies about them, doesn't mean we need them. I'll admit they are cool, but think what it would do! If you really want it make a private server.
    The ONLY way I can see these being implemented, is for the Illidan battle in Black Temple, which Shinu, is coming out in a near future patch.

    Comment by Shada

    Theoretically: if one person per server were to get to wield Frostmourne in some future expansion, or more likely WoW 2, then that person, along with having bragging rights for eternity, would also be condemned to /whisper hell, every day, every time they logged in. They'd never be able to go anywhere, use their bank, use the AH, without being poked, prodded, whispered and generally being known to the masses at large as ". the guy who got Frostmourne". I'm not sure that's a price worth paying, to be honest.

    Back on topic: I kinda doubt you are going to see players wielding Azzinoth with the stats as posted here. Artifact it may be, but as it stands the stats are simply unbalanced, and I doubt Blizzard would allow an item like this - at least, in the form posted here - to be wielded by a player, no matter how "hardcore" they may be. You're kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.

    Comment by bjornolfr

    From patch 2.1 notes:

    His dominion over Outland remained unchallenged until the arrival of Illidan the Betrayer. The pit lord proved no match for the wielder of the Twin Blades of Azzinoth. Today Illidan occupies the temple, awaiting any and all who would challenge his rule.

    It's therefore possible that this item will be dropped by Illidan, or that he may unlock some sort of epic quest to obtain this item (or, an updated version thereof).

    This is all speculation though.

    Comment by Piemaster159

    These weapons as described are more powerful than the "Sword of 1000 Truths" as told in Make Love Not Warcaft South Park episode 1008, or 7.

    Comment by Kanuuna

    A little update:
    -Posted the 'real' picture.

    Comment by fusionation

    it's known as a gm wep but can war nd stuff get them if u kill illidan

    Comment by Lordcf

    They will drop from Illidan but different stats these are the gms stats

    Comment by Unholysergeant

    Blizzard has stated that Illidan was the most powerful coded character in World of Warcraft before the expansion was released. It is unknown whether this will change in the expansion, however, considering his past defeat at the hands of Arthas before Arthas gained the power of the Lich King; this probably indicates that Arthas had not been coded into the game at the time of that statement. Based on statements made by Chris Metzen at BlizzCon when cries were made for Arthas, even a 40 person raid of characters at level 70 would be no match for him. Since Illidan will be defeatable with (most likely) a 25 person raid in the expansion, it is highly unlikely that Illidan's power will compare to Arthas'.

    With the announcement of the World of Warcraft expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, it has been confirmed that Illidan will be the most powerful boss enemy in the new area of Outland.

    --> At BlizzCon the head lore designer said of Illidan: "You don't so much "kill" him as much as you sorta get in his way"; possibly indicating that when his health is depleted (or close to depleted) he may simply escape battle. <---

    This is also hinted in the FAQ of the Burning Crusade site:

    - Question: Will it be possible to kill Illidan in the Burning Crusade?

    - Answer: Illidan doesn't think so. As a matter of fact, he's probably thinking about destroying your character for simply entertaining the thought.

    In the Burning Crusade cinematic intro, Illidan is the narrator at the beginning and is also featured prominently at the end, soaring into the sky, unsheathing his twin blades and challenging players who dare venture into his realm of Outland with the words: "You are not prepared!"

    Comment by Lordcf

    and this is a gm item as much as Illidan dies in warcraft 3 :)
    p.s I am not being sarcastic

    Comment by Lustrick

    Illidan didn't die, Arthas let him leave telling him never to come back to Azeroth again. why do you think he's still alive in the Black Temple?

    Comment by blackace

    I think that this blade is down graded to around 83dps and only 50 resistances and it is main hand, stats reduced by about 50 and it doesn't go back into two blades. found this info somewhere on thottbot, but can't find it again.

    Comment by Zeneva

    Ok well this item I have noticed seems unreal..I don't really believe of such. "UBER" items in the game available..although now 2.1 patch is out and from what i know..Black Temple is also accessible. however no one ever killed Illidan and i doubt so even on private servers..

    So this item might just be some fake item description or something..once again who knows..TBC Content items are this might be a real item

    Comment by Seregon

    The Warglaives from the private servers does not include in a set neither do they provide set bonuses. So why would this set suddenly show up after Patch 2.1.0 came out? This is at least enough confirmation for me!

    Twin Blades here I come! xD

    Comment by Capitalous

    I'm just curious how this thing has a 167.7 PDS, but yet the top end is 155.

    Comment by UndeadKnight

    its probably because of the added shadow and arcane damage :D

    Comment by Matowic

    Can only say one thing. OMFG

    Comment by Taemojitsu

    Actually, this item in its current form would be UNDERPOWERED compared to current raid drops.

    It does 100 dps before the magic damage procs, sure. But the magic procs probably won't be able to crit, and the weapon has a 1.50 attack speed, making it cr*p for sword rogues (especially hemo!) and merely "good" for everyone else.

    Worst of all, whatever its stats turn out to be, it has a 99% chance of being totally outclassed by the first raid drop at lvl 80, and matched by a lvl 80 blue.

    Comment by Draestar

    Wow. so anyone heard or seen someone with this dream blade?

    Comment by Kwami

    Illidan does in fact die, as demonstrated by Nihilum. You don't kill him though.

    Comment by Kanoi

    Nihilum has downed Illidan - the Warglaive (by their testimony) did not drop, but the itemID link for the mainhand is now available on Magtheridon server.

    Warglaive of Azzinoth
    Binds when picked up
    Main Hand -- Sword
    214 - 398 Dmg -- Speed 2.80
    (109.3 damage per second)
    +22 Agility
    +29 Stamina
    Classes: Warrior, Rogue
    Requires Level 70
    Equip: Improves hit rating by 21.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 44.

    The Twin Blades of Azzinoth (0/2):
    - Warglaive of Azzinoth
    - Warglaive of Azzinoth

    (2) Set: Your melee attacks have a chance to increase your haste rating by 450 for 10 sec.
    (2) Set: Increases your attack power by 200 when fighting demons.

    Whether or not this is an item obtainable by players now still remains to be seen, but this is a far more realistic interpretation of stats than the weapon(s) had before. No information on the offhand has arisen yet.

    *cross-posted with the seperated right Warglaive of Azzinoth

    Comment by Jeremypwnz

    wouldnt the 2 swords be stronger then the 1? or would u combine them so u can use a hella nice shield?

    Comment by Thorandric

    ok stop and use some common sense, this weapon is probably not going to be released any time soon because it would be simply TOO powerful and would dwarf ANYTHING else in the game. All those stats; 167 dps and many more things make this weapon just too powerful; however they might make it obtainable in later expansion packs (because of possible level expansions and newer items) and even then they would probably tweek it a bit

    Comment by radeox

    Sold by: Julia Gallina on the GM island.

    Comment by petbse

    I think that this kind of item should come with new binding rule. Worldbound or Doombound: only one can be present on server at given time. When not equiped it will discard, when not used in a week it will discard. 10% chance to drop from player's corpse after world PvP death. After severall hours of play time it will discard(maybe week or so). Some NPC in major cities will hint you name of player possesing such beauty and his current whereabouts. So anyone willing to loot this thing is better to be prepared for a Raid party waiting around every corner. You want this. You are not prepared :) This would allow Blizzard to create items with insane stats and insane responsibility. And also the stats should be boosted and item possesion complicated rather than making this a auction trade. This ruins the item status as something extremely rare.
    Sorry for my english, I haven't used it in a while.

    Comment by Khoais

    Dropped for Forte. The war glaive that is.

    Comment by blackdeath

    Tagged this item as 'Not available to players'.

    Comment by Buddyweizer

    Allright, everyone. I am the first person in World of Warcraft history to obtain the Warglaives, the Main-Hand and the Off Hand. Althought the stats are extremely high on them, they are not Artifacts, but Legendary weapons. The Forming and The Breaking casts do not exist. I do not know where this fact came from, but it has been proven wrong. You get an added stat boost the same way when you complete and armor set. The blades are extremely large and glow green. I have a picture of them,if anyone wants to see.

    Here are the real stats:

    Warglaive of Azzinoth
    Binds when picked up
    Main Hand Sword
    214 - 398 Damage Speed 2.80
    (109.3 damage per second)
    +22 Agility
    +29 Stamina
    Durability 125 / 125
    Classes: Warrior, Rogue
    Requires Level 70
    Equip: Increases hit rating by 21.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 44.
    Set: The Twin Blades of Azzinoth (1/2)

    Warglaive of Azzinoth
    Binds when picked up
    Off-Hand Sword
    107 - 199 Damage Speed 1.40
    (109.3 damage per second)
    +21 Agility
    +28 Stamina
    Durability 125 / 125
    Classes: Warrior, Rogue
    Requires Level 70
    Equip: Increases critical strike rating by 23.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 44.
    Set: The Twin Blades of Azzinoth (1/2)

    Added stats for the set completion:

    The Twin Blades of Azzinoth (2 pieces)

    (2) Set: Your melee attacks have a chance to increase your haste rating by 450 for 10 sec.
    (2) Set: Increases attack power by 200 when fighting Demons.

    Haha, punks. It's good to be me.

    Comment by jared3811

    haha thats outrageously overpowered i just wanna see somone using them

    Comment by jared3811 Comment by Humblepie

    This is like chicken noodle soup!

    Comment by sparky1337

    this wep doesnt look like one on the picture ( or maybe on privates it had different skin ). anyway it looked like a "+" with its blades in flames attached to the arm. the weps in the movie are the ones which make this wep ( they combine ). as far for the guy with the t4 t5 set movies. hes just playing on his personal private server big deal, adding the items on him with /add command

    Comment by Shada

    I always thought that Blizzard intended Legendary-class items never to just "drop" for someone; that they would have a long (and typically very expensive) quest chain involved in getting them into useable state; compare Thunderfury, Sulfuras, Atiesh and no doubt the Ashbringer.

    It just seems wrong that these drop, just like that. Then again, Black Temple isn't exactly easy. congrats to the lucky ones who get their glaives. I certainly don't envy them the constant whispers they must be getting, however!

    Comment by Zezz

    The set was first completed by the rogue Furi of Blood Legion.

    Comment by Apofis

    Why does only rogues and warriors get to use. Can Hunters use The Twin Blades of Azzinoth? My main is a troll hunter and I really want to know because I dont want to lvl a warrior or rogue to 70 after i already got a high lvl hunter.

    Comment by kelvin

    blizzard have released one of the blades

    hopefully the other one too :)

    actually no,
    i'll never get it and get owned by them x_x

    Comment by Draco2

    Hey pplz they sell these weapons on my server it is possible to dual wield both the warglaives of azzinoth and twin blades. I am telling you this is true from a custom made place known aS SC(shopping centre) with custom teleporter. U all should believe me coz i don't lie with thingz like these. my friend has them. U'll have to find out ur selves wat the server is but the custom teleporter gave it away.
    :) good luk :D :P

    Comment by marshseven

    I assume, that this is a set.
    Warglaive of Azzinoth (MAIN HAND)
    Warlgiave of Azzinoth) (OFF HAND)

    Warglaive of Azzinoth (RIGHT)
    Warglaive of Azzinoth (LEFT)

    Twin Blades of Azzinoth (BOTH)

    Comment by archimonde

    Tagged this item as 'Not available to players'.

    Comment by marshseven

    the stats on this are extremely high, apparently by illdian doing the damage with his wepons he can crit 8-15k pretty easy, wow how do people actually beat illdian?

    Comment by xlr8

    I saw a GM wielding this.

    Comment by marshseven


    Comment by inusnoozer

    gms have lots of insane gears
    these swords can be altered by gms as any weapon and gear as well to have crazy stats
    you cant get this weapon at only if you are a gm
    i dont think this weapon will be allowed for gamers unless it is altered some for em then it might be a legend type or epic but thats my opinion so you dont have to believe me or anything

    Comment by mbsaan

    o ya use this plus one of the warglaives you would be 1337 to bad u cant use 2 of them OMG SUPER STATS

    Comment by martinh

    sooo how come the twin blades put together make a 1 handes wepon? does that mean if u got 2 you could dual weild the twin glaives of azzinoth? and it doesnt say any class restriction on the twin glaives just on the regular war glaivs plz reply to what i have asked thx.

    Comment by kaj333

    NOOB its unique you idiot which means you can't dualwield. When its unique you can only use one.

    Comment by Kenaro

    Although the damage and agility are sick for a one-handed weapon, this is kinda a bumrap for rogues. Trade in two awesome blades for a bunch of int? Ick.

    However, I could see this rivaling Thunderfury as a pally tanking weapon. Crazy int well help with seal and consecration mana costs a little bit. We all know Thunderfury deals a crap ton of threat, but paladins can always use that extra bit of mana for extra casts to hold that threat. Can only imagine the crazy damage resulting from reckoning procs laid on top of that melee haste bonus.

    Comment by WoWveteran1

    Yay! First comment for this item! Ok, anyway, unless you have duel-wield, this item isn't good for you. Oh, how the h*ll do you get your hands on it unless you're a GM and/or on a private server?

    Comment by kingkong

    You can use them on private servers where you make lvl 70s directly.

    Comment by Jenrama

    Sargeras was not defeated, his AVATAR was, a Puppet so to speak, by Aegwynn, and it is also explained he wanted her to defeat his avatar in combat so that a part of his soul would enter her body and lie dorment waiting for her to bare a child, Medivh, which led to his corruption. Sargeras was not defeated through combat with the loss of the Well of Eternity which caused the Great Sundering, the portal was closed and he wasn't able to step through before it was sealed shut and caused the Sundering, the most thats ever been done to Sargeras is he's been. "Scratched" or "Knicked" on his leg by a enchanted wooden axe crafted by Cenarius in the hands of Broxigar the Red, this was after Brox slew hundreds of demons holding them off long enough for Rhonin, Illidan, and Malfurion to close the portal, even after that Sargeras easily killed Brox.

    If you want to see the last fight of all fights in the World of Warcraft, think of the power Sargeras weilds, a fallen Titan may be but he still weilds the powers of creation, and if you read up about him it will say while he was still good and on side with the Titans, he was still the strongest of them all, basically their forward commander for their goal of shaping a sancuary type universe.

    Comment by DkDabura

    Well yeh hard to get but IF really wanna have it go. for a 1337 PRiVaTe SeRVeR! but still..

    Comment by horvath346

    I went on a private server that allowed you to use these items, and interestingly you could duel wield The Twin Blades of Azzinoth in one hand, and one of the glaives (Warglaive of Azzinoth (Right) or Warglaive of Azzinoth (left)) in the other hand. However, even if these items were available ingame, the chances of picking up one of The Twin Blades of Azzinoth would be next to nothing, and getting two of them would, well, be probably impossible.

    Still, I don't know why these items are in game to be honest - i've been a GM on a private server, and whenever I needed to kill something I just used a special command. Im not going to wait about 5 mins to kill Kil'jaeden when i can do it instantly.

    Comment by smiller

    son una mini copia de las espadas de illidan a la cual solo las portan los gm no hay boss que suelte esas espadas

    Comment by Sellorollo

    son una mini copia de las espadas de illidan a la cual solo las portan los gm no hay boss que suelte esas espadas

    "They're a mini version of the Illidan's Glaives, of which only GM can wear. There's no boss that drop them

    Comment by DANEgerous

    Heirloom (as you can tell from the color) item earned in wintergrasp. BEST ITEM IN GAME! 100K tokens to purchase.

    Nah i am kidding, i is a GM item that only a GM can use

    Comment by Cindered

    In relation to what Miyari posted, I ended up "unlocking" the glaive links using the posted method on US Illidan immediately after I had read about it, and it stayed that way from quite some time.

    As of today, I had to link the spell before I could link the glaives. Methinks spells may be handled differently when it concerns the server cache.

    Comment by mathiasbend

    If it cant be used by players, why is it there ?

    Comment by Nelron

    Is this thing real? If so where the hell you get it? Like how do you form the 2 together to make that?

    Comment by Muronelkaz

    im starting to HATE world of warcraft becuase of these Epic items 1.0 speed and others like Maritan Thunder "test" weapon i saw a <GM> useing it and i asked him what it was when i was in Dalaran Submiting a Glitch and he had it and told me it was The Argent Avenger

    Comment by Saoul

    If it was out, I would have it on my Deathknight. it's sexy-sexy.

    Comment by killerluko

    I think this weapon isn't too good i was on a private server GM and it isn't good so don't want it!

    Comment by coyote72

    If only this code worked in game. anyone know where I can get one that works in game? I saw one for Martin Thunder once.

    Comment by zdouse

    Outland* you mean

    Comment by DireCAT

    I heard that it drops from GMs!

    Comment by grim47

    I have one question about this weapon. All the psots say that ist no longer in the game but this counts for the Litch king. Right now im playng on a blizlike server that is still using the Burning crusade patch 2.4.3 and what i want to know is if it is still there .
    I know its almost imposible to get but what are dreams for :). And another thing is there another weapon that resembles the looks of this one that can be used by a hunter like for example the one that spellbreaker guards use or Lor'themar Theron uses or even some npcs from the Cenarion cicle. I just really want to get my hands on a beautifull thing like this. Thank you .

    Comment by leumas2703

    Would ppl still want to use these as weapons? if u ask me id rather use some raid drop.

    Comment by jakob123

    How does wowhead know how much they sell for that's just wierd!

    Comment by Elfhippie

    They really should make the legendary glaives off Illidian combine like this one

    Comment by azshari

    i dont know why the ppl said GMs weapon

    did the GMs need weapons in the game ?

    they target you and write "/kill" and you will be killed and see you're self in graveyard

    GMs no need weapons m8

    this weapon for Azzinoth Doomguard before Illidan take them

    and blizzard said not available to players do u know why ?

    cuz illidan killed azzinoth and take the weapon. and the weapon take green color from illidan

    and player can not kill azzinoth to loot him. the weapon only with illidan and u only can loot illidan

    azzinoth killed by illidan long time ago

    and only illidan drop this weapon

    and if u find azzinoth u only can skinning him

    what about Martin Thunder ?

    go to wowwiki and see this weapon and tell me if this for GMs too or The Twin Blades of Azzinoth

    and who is the best weapon to be used by the GMs

    Comment by Bareno

    Linking this item when trade spam of always gets some good reactions :)

    Comment by Dyaxion

    I want this on my shammy GM but he can't use swords!

    should've specced priest GM or warrior player. grumble.

    Comment by Krisfred

    are you like. retarded?

    Comment by MvdGT

    That and he also plays on one of those shady "private" servers I guess, something his kind would do, those things are awful.

    Comment by Krisfred Comment by workismybane

    Just look up the "One-Handed Swords" skill on here and use the .learn command with the skill-ID.

    Comment by xXrunicfenrirXx Comment by 3zizo Comment by higino

    summarizing, can anyone tell me in plain English :) how to get this weapon?

    Comment by mememeo

    can i earn this item? cuz sometime blizzard is a bit stupid

    i got hacked and the hacker used my account to sell money and now it closed
    because the hacker
    i think blizzard shall give me a new account with all my characters
    and i hope they start think soon

    Comment by DarkOrb255

    So all artifacts are GM only?

    Comment by Soniclink386 Comment by Zanarith

    "This item is not available to players."

    TO PLAYERS! Why does bosses don't got that Swords?
    My suggestion to World of Warcraft is to make a finale boss in
    Cataclysm With these Swords! A Human with an evil head.
    a big powerfull boss in a big hall, with alot spells like lava ground
    and a spell that he got a shield and he flies and than 10mobs spawn
    or somethign like lvl 85 elite mobs with 700k and the boss name is something
    like "Garsen The Evil" elite boss with 23.000.000 health and something like 10-17k dmg
    spells like lava ground 3k each sek. and the shield absorbs all the damage till hes in the sky
    and all the damage he got in that time he goes up to the sky like 5sek. will be cound as heal
    to him, than the 10 Guards Spawns and you have to kill them, if you killed 7, than he goed back down.
    And he should say alot of things like "This is your end, try what you want! you wont come any far!" and
    if he dies than he says "No, you killed mee! this cannot be I am dreaming! or no! your Dreaming! Haha this didn't happen You can dream more and more, You never ee. d m. Ah. <Dead>
    Thanks for reading!

    Comment by miasmicfate

    I totally agree with this guy.

    Comment by xXILLUSTRIOUZXx Comment by Bnecse

    @Zanarith: you watched too many cartoons

    Comment by nyrolf

    by the looks, it's surely a ninja item :D

    Comment by Furydeath

    It was fun when you could link this in trade chat sadly looks like they removed that now.

    Comment by ZanathKariashi

    Holy crap. just noticed, the split forms of this version of the war glaives are the same ones that NE player on the inside cover of the classic world of warcraft box is using. always wonder what model those had.

    Comment by Papas2323

    Its a really beautiful item not to be shared.

    Comment by Gzer0

    There is also a sword of illidan exactly like this one but with silver handle. It has a panda head on its handle. Does it exist in wowhead. if yes link them and tell me what's story. and how does it related to the other illidan's sword .

    Comment by deatheater7551

    Ooo amazing! Err, one question. how is this a sword?

    Comment by REZNIK3

    Video of this item ingame and more.

    The Twin Blades of Azzinoth