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Bernard Buffet
Bernard Buffet was born July 10, 1928 in Paris, died on October 4, 1999 in Tourtour (Var - France). In December 1943, he entered the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, where he studied for two years. After this he worked alone.

In 1946, he had his first painting shown, this was a self-portrait, at the Salon des Moins de Trente Ans at the Galerie Beaux-Arts.
In 1947, he exhibited L'homme accoude at the Salon des Independants and in December of the same year he had his first solo exhibition. at the Art Impressions book shop in Paris, organised by Guy Weelen and Michel Brient. Raymond Cogniat bought a painting entitiled Nature Morte Au Poulet, for the Paris National Museum of Modem Art.

He was awarded the Critic's Prize at the Galerie Saint-Placide in Paris, in conjunction with Lorjou. In July there was an exhibition of his works at the same gallery. In November he exhibited La ravaudeuse de filet in the Salon d'Automne. This painting was also bought by Doctor Girardin and was also left to the Paris Museum of Modern Art upon Doctor Girardin's death.

In 1955, he was awarded the first prize by the magazine Connaissance des arts, which named the 10 best post-war artists. He met Georges Simenon who became his close friend. He bought property in Domont, near Paris, that he left the following year to live at the Chateau l'Arc near Aix-en-Provence, which was to be his main residence until 1964.

In 1958, at the age of 30, the first retrospective of his work was held at Galerie Charpentier.
December 12,1958 Bernard Buffet married Annabel Schwob.
In 1961 he painted a series of paintings depicting the life of Jesus Christ, intended to decorate the Chapelle de Chateau l'Arc. Ten years later, at the request of Monseigneur Pasquale Macci (secretary to Pope Paul VI) he offered these paintings to the Vatican Museum where they remain on permanent exhibition.

In May, 1971 he was given the name Chevalier de.

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Art Evaluation (Year10)

Art Evaluation (Year10)

Art book evaluation

This year we have been studying natural forms, this has involved using many new and different materials and techniques.

Firstly we started by looking at art by Georgia O'keefe who mainly painted abstract flowers this was a new style for me as I have never tried drawing in abstract style before, after this we did two paintings in acrylics one of shells and one piece of corn and around the edge of the paintings I then collaged in the background. This was a new way of doing backgrounds for me, as I have never tried using painting and colaging together. We have also tried a picture of natural objects with pastels then used chalk to make a grey background. I didn't really like the results of the chalk background because it was so dull. Then we did a picture of fruits in pencils and shaded them this piece was very similar to the pictures I made of fruits later in my book one in watercolour pencils and one I collaged.

I was very pleased with my picture in watercolour pencils but the collage didn't turn out to well. After this I made a page of leaves drawn in 2 styles two in pencils and two in rubbings. I was pleased with the leaves done in pencil but the rubbings didn't look that nice as you can only get a single colour and no shading. Next continuing with the vegetation theme I made a picture of Monet's water lilies. I was pleased with this as it allowed me to experiment with pastels and enabled me to create a strong colourful picture. Next we made a copy of a picture of Jesus on the cross in acrylic this painting was done by Gauguin. This enabled me to experiment with a new style of painting with its simple lines and bright colours. The next piece of art is the piece that I'm happiest with out of my entire book. It was a copy of a print of black and white natural objects shaded with dots and lines. This was a completely new style of shading for me and it is one that I like a lot. Then I started developing my final art piece for the year I took a section of my garden and drew and shaded it in black pen after this I did 2 or 3 more pictures of this section of my garden one in pencil one in collage and one in acrylic. These were all to try and develop my picture but the only one I was really happy about was my first picture in black pen.

I have also done a picture of feathers one set done in white pencil and coloured pencils on black paper, the other set was done in inks. Using inks was a completely new experience for me as was colouring on black paper I liked using both. Then I did another 2 pictures of natural pictures one of scallops in coloured pencils and one of horse chestnuts done in chalk and then I coloured in the background in grey chalk. After this we started concentrating on landscapes more. Firstly I made a picture of two tree's one copied from Van Gogh and one of my own creations. I was very unhappy with both of these pictures I thin I could of improved them by spending longer on the backgrounds. Then carrying on with the landscapes theme we did 2 pictures of skies by famous artists one done watercolour a copy of a sky by Turner and one by Van Gogh in pastel. I was quite happy with both of these pictures and I liked making the strange effects of the Van Gogh sky with pastels. I also looked at the style of art noveau, which I found very interesting, and I was quite pleased with my picture in coloured pencils, the picture was of a design off fruits. I also did a picture again in acrylics, this was a copy of a painting fruits on a table by Paul Cezanne.

How Did Pop Art Challenge Beleifs In

How Did Pop Art Challenge Beleifs In

How Did Pop Art Challenge Beleifs In Consumerism Essay, Research Paper

How did Pop Art challenge beliefs about consumerism? Discuss with reference to two artists.

In order to discuss pop art I have chosen to examine the work and to some extent lives of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol who were two of the main forces behind the American movement. I intend to reflect the attitudes of the public and artists in America at this time, while examining the growing popularity of pop art from its rocky, abstract expressionist start in the 1950s through the height of consumer culture in the 60s and 70s to the present day.

Roy Liechtenstein, (fig 1) was born in 1923 into to a middle class Hungarian family living in New York, there was no artists on either side of his family and throughout Liechtenstein’s schooling there were no art classes. He used to paint in oils and draw, sometimes sketching musicians he saw playing in Harlem and the Apollo Theatre as a hobby. It was not until ‘1939’ the summer of his last year at high school that he enrolled in art classes in the Art Students League run by a man called Reginald Marsh. Liechtenstein’s influences regarding his painting style at this time had been the European avant-garde artists such as Picasso. These cubist and expressionist styles were rejected buy by Marsh who favoured painting the masses of New York life such as carnival scenes, boxing matches and the subways catching the detail in fleeting brush strokes, in a non-academic easily recognisable way. This style of recognisable American art that used everyday scenes are directly related to the consumer orientated Pop Art that Liechtenstein was to develop later in his life.

Andy Warhol, (fig2) no one, including Warhol him self knows his exact birthday but its thought to be around 1928-1931. Born in Forest city Pennsylvania and christened Andrew Warhola (which he changed in 1949 while living in New York). There are several contradicting stories about his life although he left two autobiographies the factual authenticates are not known, however his parents emigrated to the States from Czechoslovakia in 1909, his father came first to avoid national service and his mother nine years later. His father who worked as a coal minor in West Virginia didn’t play a big role in brining up Warhol, as he was away form home allot. After his death Andrew his mother and his brothers had a very poor existence, during school holidays Andrew sold fruit and helped as a window dresser. He had three nervous breakdowns while at school one at eight, nine and ten years old. He was first introduced to consumer advertising through a summer job in a department store, where he had to look for ‘ideas’ in fashion magazines. He continued his education at the Carnegie Institute in Pennsylvania graduating with a BA in Fine Art. Warhol moved to New York in 1948-49 where he started work as a graphic designer, creating adverts for fashion magazines such as Glamour, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Andy Warhol shot to fame and soon became highly respected as a commercial artist. ”Tina Fredrick, then art director of Glamour” says “She was thrilled by Andy’s drawings but could not find a commercial use for them. She told him his drawings were good, but Glamour could only use drawings of shoes at the moment. The next day Warhol came back with 50 drawings of shoes” footwear being an important part of his advertising career until the mid 1960s.

In 1949 Harvey J Earl of General Motors pioneered ‘Planned Obsolescence’. He realised that by adding fashionable products when new trends come in older products would be discarded in favour of the latest fashion.

This realisation changed consumerism forever and was the start of a consumer culture, which was to spread rapidly. In the 50s it was for the most part an American phenomenon due to the fact that they had the money and manufacturing productivity to make it possible, for example, “the affluence of America meant that almost every family owned a car” and food rationing was unthinkable while in Briton the opposite was true. Other countries experienced the boom in designed consumerism through the media especially television. Audiences were directly targeted through adverts and sponsored programs that were sold to Europe were to a certain extent selling the American way of life (the American dream). However it was not only American influences that affected Europe. Following the unifying political and social changes taking place after the second world war various aesthetics from other cultures like Japanese art and the chic of Italian design began for the first time to be accessible to the general public, these ideals were sold back across the Atlantic to the American public.

With the constant threat of the cold war between America and the Soviet Union the American public had a fear of the unknown, in this case communism and the atom bomb. This fear can be seen for example in countless alien attack and end of civilisation B movies. Another weapon used against communism was consumerism, to be able have more choice and the newest and best of everything. Even if the product was of poor quality. The culture of the time was a form of rebellion, flamboyant and wasteful, cars with racing car engines that do 10 miles to the gallon, fast food and rock and roll. Pop Art fitted in to these categories well and was accepted because it was a non-elitist non-threatening and easily recognisable form of art.

In 1957 the artist Richard Hamilton listed Pop Arts characteristics as:

Popular (designed for mass audience)

Transient (short term solution)

Expendable (easily forgotten)

Young (aimed at the youth)

Both Warhol and Lichtenstine were unknown to each other while creating similar techniques it was however lichtenstein’s Ben Day dots that set him apart and what Warhol envied most. In 1961 Lichtenstein’s paintings were accepted in Leo Castelli’s gallery in New York while Warhol’s paintings that were submitted a few weeks later were not, was partly due to the expressionist style of his painting. Warhol later said “the territory had been pre-empted” “Right then I decided since Roy was doing comics so well, that I would just stop comics altogether and go in other directions where I could come out first –like quantity and repetition”.

Lichtenstien’s first one-man show at Castelli’s gallery in February 1962 was bought out by influential collectors before opening and his success was assured.

Both artists were intermingled with the consumer philosophy not only with their work but both also strove for commercial and personal success. Lichtenstien, who worked from comic books, adverts and bubble gum wrappers depicted self-contained scenes or a short set of paintings ‘Fig3’ these examples of his work at this time demonstrate man and machine as an indecipherable form. ‘Fig4’ shows the product blending with the user in effortless efficiency, allowing the viewer to admire this without being aware of being sold a product, reflecting the mass produced consumer society where man and machine are working together. The same can be said for Warhol’s soup cans, Brillo boxes and Coke bottles as they show mass produced articles for the American consumer only disconnected from there origins ‘Fig5’. Warhol’s idolisation of the super stars of that era is what set him apart from his contemporaries and immortalised him in popular culture the most famous or these being Marilyn Monroe ‘Fig6’. And this was no accident as his personal goal was to become a star in his own right and he consciously generated a cloak of mystery which made it almost impossible to distinguish the man from the legend “you can only become famous if everybody is talking about you”(Warhol).

All dressed up (the sixties and the counter culture), Jonathon Green, Pimlico 1999.

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10 Art Works That Have Changed Society

10 Art Works That Have Changed Society

Essay 10 Art Works That Have Changed Society and over other 25,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

Autor: people • June 20, 2011 • Essay • 1,743 Words (7 Pages) • 705 Views

Artworks that have changed the world.

What 10 artworks have had the most significant impact on world art and/or culture today? Explain in detail how these artworks impact lives today.

1. The Iliad by Homer

The Iliad is literally the first written work we have and is considered the most important piece of literature to ever be written. This book was considered to be like the Bible to the Greeks; it was what they lived by. (Growing up in Greek society, the Iliad was a requirement to learn!) It contains the history of the Greeks, including the battle of Troy, and culture. The book emphasises Greek culture, such as heroic virtues: refrain from excess cruelty, bravery, service, honor and loyalty. The Iliad is considered extremely accurate; one could trace their family's history/descendants from it. Homer has the ability to tell the story in such a way that makes the reader feel as if he or she were actually there in that point and time of history. Homer also depicts both sides (the Greeks and the Trojans) equally; it is hard to believe one is the enemy. Lastly, after the Iliad was composed, we see a significant change in artwork; artist were so moved by Homer's story that they began to make their work more realistic.

2. Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (translation: "Sweet Music of the Night)

Not only is this the most reproduced piece of music ever created (and used on numerous children's toys), but it also can drastically improve your IQ (specifically, short term improvement in spatial-temporal reasoning). Studies of the Mozart Effect have taken place internationally and all demonstrate a positive correlation between listening to "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" and math scores (up to 15% improvement). In fact, the state of Georgia spends a budget amount of five million dollars to send every new born home with a CD of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". It is currently unknown how the Mozart Effect produces said results, but the United States continues to fund millions of dollars worth on research every year to come closer to finding an answer.

3. Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Not only is this piece widely famous today, but it the first piece ever composed celebrating the coming together of humankind. This piece has also made a profound impact on society and is reason to believe why Sony/Philips CDs hold only 75 minutes worth of music; Beethoven's 9th had to fit on a single disc. Lastly, Beethoven's 9th, is the first major example of a composer using human voice and instruments on the same level in a symphony.

As for the artist himself, Beethoven, transformed Romantic music as we know it today (surging tempos, musical dynamics, abrupt changes in mood, etc)! In fact, Romanticism's beginning dates have been debated about because of the genius of Beethoven. Another major factor that make's Beethoven stand out among other composers is his unique, yet tragic life. As a child, Beethoven was a wonder kid; able to mimic any song he heard, even blindfolded. His father was an alcoholic and would beat him if he ever made a mistake, which sadly contributed to his success later in life. And perhaps the most shocking truth about Beethoven is that at the tender age of 25, he looses most of his hearing, yet the majority of his work is composed after he has lost all ability to hear music.

4. Stella of Hammurabi

This giant piece of standing rock deserves recognition; it is mankind's first legal code. On the rock are strictly laid out laws as well as punishments for violations. All rules were made available to the public, thus there could never be a discrepancy about any consequence of breaking a rule. The Stella of Hammurabi relies on a contract between the king and the high god Shamash to determine and enforce punishment; believed that one's fate was left to the Gods. Rules were designed so the rich could not opress the poor; created to keep equality. This is were the notion of an "eye for an eye" comes from; best know as Hammurabi's code. (The laws don't discriminate between accident and intention.) This is also the first society that gives women rights; not many, but some. For example, women had the power to divorce their husband. Lastly, this is where the number 13 is first thought to be considered an unlucky number; there is no 13th rule.

5.Aphrodite of Knidos by Praxiteles

The definition of female beauty; Aphrodite of Knidos was the first monumental nude sculpture. Modeled after a real women, Phryne, who was considered the most beautiful woman of her time (perfect body proportions, height, weight, etc). In fact, when Aphrodite herself saw the statue, she said, "When did Praxiteles see me bathing?" The public was instantly captivated by this artwork. Eight copies were made, placed in gardens where men and women could go fornicate, masturbate, and engage in all types of sexual activities. (These still exists today!) This is where

Francisco Goya Essay Examples

Francisco Goya Essay Examples

10 total results

With the coronation of the two Catholic rulers, Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479, the country of Spain slowly began to unite. Piece by piece, the King and Queen recaptured once lost lands and built their empire. In 1516 Carlos V rose to power, establishing the Hapsburg reign. The Hapsburg ruled for nearly two hundred years un.

Giotta, 1312: Madonna Enthroned (1st. Painting) Francisco Goya: May 3, 1808 in the Padro, Madrid I found the Giotta, Madonna Enthroned painting to be the most interesting because the power and love the painting displays. The personal values in this particular painting, such as the colors caught my eye because; the colo.

His name, Francisco Goya, born in 1746, one of Spains most innovative painters and etchers; also one of the triumvirate-including El Greco and Diego Velzquez-of great Spanish masters. Much in the art of Goya is derived from that of Velzquez, just as much in the art of the 19th-century French master douard Manet and the 20th.

Humanities Through the Arts
Essay #1
Giotta, 1312: Madonna Enthroned (1st. Painting)
Francisco Goya: May 3, 1808 in the Padro, Madrid
I found the Giotta, Madonna Enthroned painting to be the most interesting because the power and love the painting displays.
The personal values in this particular painting, such as.

was born on March 30, 1746, in Fuendetodos, a village in northern Spain. The family later moved to Saragossa, where Goya's father worked as a gilder. At fourteen years old, Goya was apprenticed to Jose Luzan, a local painter. Later he went to Italy to continue his study of art. On returning to Saragossa in 1771, he painted.

Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes was born on March 30, in the year 1746, in Fuendetodos, a small village in northern Spain. At the age of fourteen he became an apprentice for a local artist, Jose Luzan. Later he traveled to Madrid where he took interest in the last of the great Venetian painters. After attempting and fail.

The romantic time period took place during the 18th and 19th centuries with ideas that opposed previous periods. Romanticism was a period that rejected the principle of order, balance, and idealization that had symbolized Classicism in general. Romanticism was also to some extent a reaction against the Enlightenment and aga.

Humanities Through the Arts Essay #1 Giotta, 1312: Madonna Enthroned (1st. Painting) Francisco Goya: May 3, 1808 in the Padro, Madrid I found the Giotta, Madonna Enthroned painting to be the most interesting because the power and love the painting displays. The personal values in this particular painting, such as the c.

Life of Goya With the coronation of the two Catholic rulers, Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479, the country of Spain slowly began to unite. Piece by piece, the King and Queen recaptured once lost lands and built their empire. In 1516 Carlos V rose to power, establishing the Hapsburg reign. The Hapsburg ruled for nearly two hu.

His name, Francisco Goya, born in 1746, one of Spains most innovative painters and etchers; also one of the triumvirate—including El Greco and Diego Velázquez—of great Spanish masters. Much in the art of Goya is derived from that of Velázquez, just as much in the art of the 19th-century French master Édouard Manet and the 2.

Example Essays: Humber

1. Mr. Sub Case Study

Sub at Humber College's Lakeshore Campus, which is a part of the fast food industry. Through our survey of students and staff members at Humber College, we will provide the owner with results on the overall satisfaction of customers, and how Mr. Sub at Humber College's Lakeshore Campus, which is a part of the fast food industry. Through our survey of students and staff members at Humber College, we will provide the owner with results on the overall satisfaction of customers, and how Mr. Humber College students and staff, and their prices are comparative to those of.

2. The Next Ten Years

The Future Freaks Me OutIn the following essay I will be discussing my future plans for the next five to ten years. I will be outlining my five year action plan, my ten year action plan and potential obstacles that may put these plans in jeopardy. I will also outline possible solutions for any non-n.

3. Analysis of To His Coy Mistress

In the first verse of To His Coy Mistress, he begins by announcing his intentions. He talks about how they would spend long hours walking side by side. He would place her by Ganges, because she is so exotic, and himself by the Humber. Here he uses obvious flattery. He then talks about how he would l.

4. A Problem in Land-Use Planning Related to Urban Development

This street was built along Humber River and Etobicoke Creek The most dramatic results of the storm took place in this area. 32 people died on this one street and 60 families were left without homes. Water rushed down Humber River with such a force that bridges were knocked down blocking the regular flow of water and sending the river across Raymore Drive.

5. The Holderness Coast

After some more research I realised that protecting these cliffs would reduce the flow of sediment down the coast and into the Humber where it protects the river banks. I would firstly plant marram grass on all sand dunes (mostly located at the Humber Estuary) to help bind the sand and use fencing and brushwood mats to reduce wind speed near the surface and encourage deposition.

6. Literary Analysis - To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

Examples of repetition is in line 7(Of Humber would complain. For example, the vowel "o" in line 4 (long love's), vowel "I" in line 3 (sit.think), vowels "ou" in line 7 (Of Humber would. I would).

7. Human Cloning

"[S]ince [humans] are created in the image of God, fundamentally equal, and their equality transcends all observable differences based on gender, race, class, or ethnicityaE (Humber and Almeder 159). San Diego: Greenhaven P, 1998. 13.Humber, James M. and Robert F.

8. The English Language

During the next few centuries four dialects of English developed:*Northumbrian in Northumbria, north of the Humber *Mercian in the Kingdom of Mercia *West Saxon in the Kingdom of Wessex *Kentish in Kent During the 7th and 8th Centuries, Northumbria's culture and language dominated Britain.

9. Hull Haven

These cities are connected to the River Humber, the River Ouse, the River Aire, the River Don and the River Trent, which allowed trade to be extended throughout the country to important cities such as York, Sheffield and Nottingham. In addition to the new walls, it fs obvious that Hull is an important trading area from the amount of ships now in the River Humber, meaning that the River Hull is full of ships trying to dock.

10. Beowulf and The Odyssey

After reading Beowulf and The Odyssey I began to compare and contrast the two epics. There are lots of obvious differences and similarities. An obvious similarity is there are heroes in both of these epics. The settings in both epics are similar too. The characters in both are different in many.

11. To His Coy Mistress

"To His Coy MistressaE is a poem where the author expresses his sadness at the thought of quickly passing time and the shortness of life. The author addresses his thoughts to a girl who is unwilling to give up her virginity. The argument the author has in the poem is one that is persuasive, relati.

12. Coy Mistress

"To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell -Poetry Analysis This poem has been written in the form of a request to the poet's coy (or shy) mistress, the grant his desire for them to make love. He argues that for to delay makes no sense because 'at my back I always hear/time's winged chariot hurrying al.

13. Correlation And Analysis Of A House Price Survey

IntroductionFor the purpose of this assignment, I intend to use the data set provided to examine the house prices from the survey of five towns and then in turn analyse the effect that other factors such as a garage or house size can have on price.Secondary I intend to examine whether regional location affects the price of a range of properties by sourcing information on average house prices from the Land Registry Office.MethodThe method by which I intend to complete this assignment is analysis of the data provided through the means of suitable software applications. While the Minitab applicat.

14. Smoking Ban

Loosing freedoms to California Smoking BanOn January 1, 1998 the California legislature imposed asmoking ban in all enclosed places of employment. Smokingregulations are of statewide interest, by the Californialegislature enacting the smoking ban it eliminated the need forlocal governments to establ.

15. The Future of Canadian Baseball

The history of baseball in Canada dates back to the beginning of baseball in the United States. However, a professional team did not become established in the Great White North until 1969 with the creation of the Montreal Expos and then again in 1977 with the Toronto Blue Jays. Then with the failing.

16. A study of 3 poems

I reserve the right to change my mind during the expedition of the task.To his coy mistressThe road not takenSea FeverTo His Coy Mistress aE" Andrew Marvell aE" 1621-78 Had we but world enough, and time,This coyness, Lady, were no crimeWe would sit down and think which wayTo walk and pass our long love"s day.Thou by the Indian Ganges sideShould"st rubies find: I by the tideOf Humber would complain.

17. The History of the English Language

During the next few centuries four dialects of English developed: Norhhumbrian in Northumbria (north of the Humber), Mercian in the Kingdom of Mercia, West Saxon in the Kingdom of Wessex and Kentish in Kent.

18. The Origins of Modern Tourism-Transport Technology.

In fact the pleasure steamers on river estuaries like the Thames, Severn, Humber, Tyne and Clyde established in the years between 1815 and 1825 are regarded as the origin of leisure travel in the UK.

19. Education, Skills and the Art Profession

Art professions are usually divided into two categories, fine art and applied art. An artist is someone who creates art. Fine artists produce original artwork, using paint, acrylics, charcoal, ink, clay, plaster, metal and other materials. They market their work to individual buyers and to art galleries, and may also work on commissioned projects. Artist generally have some college or university training, although it not a requirement for the profession.

Art Therapy - Term Papers

Art Therapy

"The arts, as media of the imagination, are disciplines which give form and substance to our capacity to be who we are. Each artistic medium embodies the imagination in a concrete and specific way." (Stephen K. Levine) This quote is explaining that there are many different ways to look at and use art therapy in life. When people think of art therapy they don't know the other aspects rather than it is used in psychology. There are different things to look at when exploring art therapy; some of the different aspects are what it is, where it originated, and when it is used.

A question that is frequently asked by people around the world is "What is art therapy?" Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative processes of making art work to improve a person's physical, mental, and emotional health (Art Therapy blog). Art therapy is mainly used for a person who has a type of mental illness. Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, aided and assisted by their art therapist, use many different ways to create art. Some of these ways are art media and their creative process. The resulting artwork is used to explore their feelings, accommodate their emotional conflicts, stimulate self-awareness, manage the client's behavior and addictions, and help them develop social skills, help them to improve their reality orientation, reduce their anxiety, and help increase their self-esteem.

There are many stories about where art therapy originated but there is only one correct answer. For thousands of years art has been used as a tool and resource for communication. It has been used in many different ways. It is sometimes used as a way of group interactions, finding a resolution for different conflicts, diagnosis for different things and self-expression. The therapeutic use of art therapy has existed for many centuries with diversity. This diversity carries the varieties of artistic experience and needs around the world to the many different countries. It has been used as a symbolical conveyance to capture the inexpressible ideas or points in an image that was created by the client. Art has survived through time as a healing power for many people in today's world. One example of how art therapy has survived is through the Shamans. The Shamans still use carved figures to promote a relationship with the gods. Another way art therapy has survived is through the Navaho Indians. The Navaho Indians used medicine men, a traditional healer and spiritual leader among American Indians, to continue to heal with sand paintings. (Avery, Charleen and Mehl-Madrona Lewis E.)

There are many uses of art therapy. Art therapy can be used to treat many different mental disorders and psychological distress. There are many cases where it is used with other psychological