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Change Of Sign Method Coursework On Resume

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Change of sign method coursework on resume

I have built my own simple LMS in ColdFusion. It just uses an iframe to display the course and there is a page that records the tin can statements. It works perfect but I have a course designed in Studio '13/presenter '13, output is tincan, that the resume feature doesn't work on my LMS.

If I use presentation.html, example

the resume doesn't work but the tincan statements post to my site properly.

If I use presentation_html5.html, example

the resume does work but the tincan statements don't post.

I have tried the course on several different websites on several different server, and in several different browsers (IE 11, FF 34.0.5, Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m), current version of Flash.

The resume function doesn't work.

I have tried the course with all the different options, prompt, etc, flash cookies enable and disabled.

The resume function doesn't work.

I have tried the course on Scorm Cloud. The resume function works! I have opened presentation.html on my computer in FireFox. The resume function works.

I've narrowed the issue down to TinCan. If I turn TinCan off in the presentation.html file by changing

The course resumes as it should. But since TinCan is off, it doesn't post any statements to my LMS.

I've figured out that I probably need to respond to POST state?method=GET with the state/resume data. So something like this

1Nk30a010904050607080b0on1001811f016110171101811000 (tells the course to go to slide 4 or some thing like that).

I understand the data is encoded/compressed. The data actually comes from the state data posted to the LMS. Each slide posts a resume point. I'm guessing I just need to grab that resume point data from the previous session and post back when the user resumes the course and tincan asks for resume data.

But for some reason, no matter what I return and how I return it. My course just sits there loading. Everything is there, nav bar, course extras, exit button, just the content has the loading sign. Nothing is clickable.

I've tried posting back similar headers that scorm cloud uses in ColdFusion:

They come through properly along with the response: 1Nk30a010904050607080b0on1001811f016110171101811000

I've tried the return format as json, plain text, an array. But the course doesn't load. I've also found odd behavior if I refresh then stop the browser immediately (the course never refreshes). It will bring up the resume prompt and then I can click Yes/No. And it works. Obviously that isn't right.

Any ideas? What am I missing? I'm looking for what an Articulate course is expecting as a response from my (or any) LMS/LRS when it asks for a resume point on state?method=GET.

@Brian: content-type is application/json

LRS should be returning the Content-Type as it was received This is where it gets tricky. state?method=GET redirects to a cfc function. /includes/LRSCFC.cfc?method=GetState&returnFormat=plain

This is the function:

The problem is if tell CF to return as json using the function, returnFormat=json, or serializeJSON(). It adds stuff to the returned data.

The above code will return:

telling CF to use json:

Which is a secure feature of CF.

But what confuses me is Scorm Cloud just returns

It isn't formatted like JSON. It just seems like it is plain text even though the Content-Type is application/json.

If I return all the cfheader info but leave cfreturn blank cfreturn "" the course just sits there as if I returned "1s43040ji1001111a0101101111000"

What status code are you returning? 200 OK

Any other status, the course will play but will complain it can't connect to the server.

Any errors, successes, requests in progress? No errors. Seems like everything is successful. no requests in progress.

Does the original posted content have a content-type of application/json or something else? The LRS should be returning the Content-Type as it was received in the original request. Also note it should have an Etag header (though that likely isn't your issue). What status code are you returning? The fact that it works in SCORM Cloud does suggest it is misbehavior of the LRS. – Brian J. Miller Jan 21 '15 at 21:15

If you open up developer tools in Chrome and look at the console and network do you get any errors, successes, requests in progress? (You need to refresh after opening developer tools to get network to populated). I.e. is the data getting to Storyline in the first place? – Andrew Downes Jan 22 '15 at 13:06

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Free Online Course On Resume, Networking And Interview Skills

Free Online Course On Resume, Networking And Interview Skills

This session Fullbridge is offering an open online version of course, ‘Career Edge: Resume, Networking and Interview Skills.’ The course helps in getting the job you want with compelling resume writing and focused interview preparation.

The overall objective of this course to provide students the opportunity to make a lasting impression on prospective employers.

Course At A Glance Providers’ Details

Fullbridge is an educational technology company that aims to address the skills gap between students or young professionals and skills desired by modern corporations. Fullbridge is committed to helping young professionals succeed in the global economy through transformational professional and industry-specific skill-building programs.

This online platform edX provides online courses from the world’s best universities. edX can empower you to build innovative applications, services, and experiences.

About This Course

With only a small window of opportunity to make a lasting impression on prospective employers, what should you do to get noticed? This career development course prepares you to reach out to desired organizations, succeed in your interview, and then excel on the job. Use self-assessments and interactive exercises to help you build a standout resume that will get you noticed. Using simulations, you’ll learn interview preparation techniques that will enable you to ace the interview and start your career journey.

This is the fifth course in the five-part Career Edge Fullbridge XSeries, designed to prepare you for career success.

Why Take This Course?

This is a free online course. This MOOC will be offered with Video Transcripts.

Learning Outcomes

Applicants will learn:

  • Become familiar with job search resources and techniques, including effective networking
  • Learn how to create and curate a professional social networking profile, such as LinkedIn, to showcase strengths
  • Write a compelling resume and cover letter
  • Become familiar with common interview questions
  • Possess techniques for how to approach non-conventional interview questions
  • Plan out future professional development opportunities for continued learning

Vice President of Coaching at Fullbridge. Previously, he was a senior admissions officer for Harvard College.

How To Join This Course
  1. Go to the course website link
  2. Create an edX account to SignUp
  3. Choose “Register Now” to get started.
  4. EdX offers honor code certificates of achievement, verified certificates of achievement, and XSeries certificates of achievement. Currently, verified certificates are only available in some courses.
  5. Once you sign up for a course and activate your account, click on the Log In button on the home page and type in your email address and edX password. This will take you to your dashboard, with access to each of your active courses. (Before a course begins, it will be listed on your dashboard but will not yet have a “view course” option.)

Resume Backgrounds

Resume Backgrounds

Many job candidates feel that the interview process doesn't start until their first phone or in-person interview. Employers review candidates based on their resumes and the backgrounds on those resumes. This means that your first interview is conducted without any personal contact with the interviewer. To maximize your potential to get an in-person or phone interview, your resume background must be well organized and designed to sell your skills for the job.


The background on your resume is your opportunity to make a sales pitch to a potential employer. The background section on a resume is an area that employers look to see what type of work you have done in the past and if the skills you learned or exhibited in that job would transfer well to the position they are seeking to fill. Resume backgrounds also provide your educational background. Employers look at one's education background to see if the applicant has taken coursework that would be beneficial for the available position.


Your resume background should include several very important items. In the education portion of your resume, it should include the schools you attended, any degrees you received and the years you attended school. This will help an employer determine how recent your college coursework is, and how well you performed in those areas which might interest the employer.

Include your work experience as well. In this section, list any skills that would transfer well to the open position. Also include any universal skills such as leadership or management that you have demonstrated in that position as well. List any tasks you performed and feel would be similar to those required at the position.

Choose three skills you have that you feel apply well to the job position. Make sure you highlight these skills in your past work experience. You don't have to list each of them under every employer, but each skill should be mentioned at least once.

Time Frame

Creating a resume background requires careful attention to the time frame it covers. There should be no gaps on your resume of extended periods of time without either employment or attending an educational institution. Do not leave off employers just because you do not feel they will fit with the type of employment you are seeking. A time frame with no educational or employment experience raises questions from an employer. This increases the possibility of your application being denied before you have a chance to interview and explain those missing time periods.

Review your resume background and write down just the dates of each position on a piece of scrap paper. Look at these dates and search for any gaps. If there are gaps that are not covered in either your work experience background or your educational background, you should address them in a cover letter. Planning on explaining those gaps in the interview itself is not enough.


Creating your resume background is a chance for you to introduce your skill set to your potential employer. Design the resume around the type of position you are applying for. If it is a technical job, list job tasks for previous employers that deal with computers and technical thinking. If it is a sales job, lists tasks that emphasize your ability to sell and interact with other people. Management jobs should highlight your managerial experience. When creating your resume background, you should view this as your first interview in a sequence of interviews for the position.

Change your goal section on each resume you submit to be tailored to the particular position. In your background section, you may also add a short section listing other skills you have. These should be listed based on the individual position. For an office job with lots of computer work, list the computer applications you are proficient in. For a programming job, list the programming languages you are experienced in. For sales positions, list any large clients you have signed to sales contracts in other jobs.


If you are using the same resume for many different positions, make sure you proofread it for each application. Check to see if you can add additional features that would apply to the position. Remember to remove any tasks or skills that are not related to the position you are applying for. Employers can tell when a resume is sent out in mass. Position crafted resume backgrounds are more likely to stand out when employers make their decision about which applicants to interview.

Write the background section from scratch for each resume. This might be time consuming, but it can save you from costly errors like references to skills not applicable to the particular position. Always check your "goal" section as well. This is where many applicants fail to make a change for different positions on their resume. A goal unrelated to the position you apply for will turn off a perspective employer.

Resume Mastery Course with CARW Certification

Resume Mastery Course with CARW Certification Your Writing, Your Brand, Your Career
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Hi, I’m Gayle Howard, an award-winning and in-demand professional resume writer and author of this training course.

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    • Third – a 3-minute read – worth an interview?… fewer than 1% make the grade
  • Guarantee that the interviewer can understand your clients’ most important skills and highlight reasons for hiring them within ten seconds
  • Significantly improve the words, organization, and design to highlight strengths and create an unforgettable first impression
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Review the course content and commonly asked questions . You Can Do This!

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You Get Convenient and Expert Support

You are able to set aside your own time for learning and at your own pace. No hurrying to play catch-up or missing important points because you are writing notes.

Do it on the weekends, at night, or when the kids are at school. You do it when you feel the time is right and you are ready to learn for a more prosperous life.

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You’ll Have a Mentor to Review and Support You All the Way

You will have your new knowledge tested, validated and assessed because you need to know that you’ve understood and can apply your new skills properly.

Gayle Howard, Certified Master Resume Writer with more than 22 years of resume writing experience will be your support mechanism, mentor and cheerleader throughout your training.

Through screencasts and electronic communications, Gayle will be right there, helping and supporting you to learn. When and where you need it and without the complications of waiting for teleseminars or being directed to canned responses.

Don’t Delay Starting on the Road to Success

Get on the fast track to certification now and start learning what the top professionals know while nurturing your talents, boosting your confidence and securing your place among the industry leaders.

Sign up below to begin learning the insider secrets and wisdom from a guru with 22 years at the top of the profession.

PS…to ensure you get personalized, quality coaching, we limit the number of clients we coach at any one time. Once the limit is reached, new clients are placed on a waiting list until we have space available. We will notate here if there is a current waiting list.

Sign up now to start on your journey to certification and more satisfied clients.

*If you are not currently a CDI member, please select the Non-Member rate above as it includes mandatory membership. For non-members who desire a 3-pay option, membership should also be added to the cart and then the member 3-payment option can be selected. To become a CDI member or to learn more about membership visit the Join page.

CARW Renewal Requirements

The CARW Certification must be renewed every two (2) years by earning 30 industry-related continuing education units (CEUs). This can be completed through a variety of activities such as: employment-related book reviews, career-related community service, completing related coursework or study, publishing resumes, and/or authoring articles, blog posts, and related materials on resume writing.

Why is renewal necessary? Because the craft of resume writing is dynamic and is swiftly changing with the advances in computer technology and applicant tracking / scanning as well as emerging legal issues involving resume fraud. These are just a few concerns that make it necessary for professionals to demonstrate ongoing education and knowledge of modern resume writing techniques.

CARW Revocation Policy

All requirements of CARW certification, renewal, and CDI membership standards must be maintained in order to retain a CDI credential. CDI reserves the right to revoke a CARW credential for any of the following: Renewal requirements are not maintained and completed within required timelines. Membership lapses due to non-renewal. Individual is found guilty in a court of law for a grievance within the industry (unprofessional, unethical, unlawful conduct and/or business practices).

Feedback from Past Course Participants

I have just finished Gayle's resume writing e-course. It was hard work but the rewards were well worth the effort. Gayle offers a personalized service that will turn you from novice to a skilled resume writer. I will continue to be grateful for all of her help. - Jennifer Hay, IT Résumé Service

When I first decided to work toward my CARW designation, I felt a little lost. I had thought I was a good resume writer, but quickly found out that writing resumes is a very complex skill. I didn't know where to begin learning what I needed to know in order to pass my certification. I decided to take CDI's resume mastery course for some guidance.

It was the best investment I could have made!

The knowledge I have gained from Gayle's instruction has been invaluable. Gayle is a creative, knowledgeable writer and gives very detailed, thorough feedback. I was able to confidently write resumes that produce results for my clients right off the bat after getting certified.

I wholeheartedly recommend her training to any resume writer who wants to sharpen his or her skills. - Kristin S. Johnson, Profession Direction

CDI's resume mastery course has provided me with the distinctions of a high level resume writer. I take my hat off to Gayle Howard, the creator, the facilitator, and a wonderful lady to deal with. The course was easy to get through, and I especially found the audio useful (nice to hear an Australian accent too!).

There are several assignments that have been well designed to assess competency and I felt supported the whole way through. Gayle would always welcome additional assistance after providing her feedback. She has a supreme command of the English language, and is willing to share her knowledge with her students.

This is the course for any resume writer who is interested in learning how to write a winning resume that will generate favourable results for their clients. After completing this course, your clients will get a better response from the resumes you write, and you can’t ask for any better than that! - Bonnie Power, Executive Resume Writer, Melbourne Resumes

The course has transformed the way I write resumes! I wasn’t expecting such personal attention and was pleasantly surprised by Gayle’s generosity with both her time and her feedback. - Kathleen Alexander, Clever Fox

Wow Gayle! I actually got a bit teary to read this! Didn't realize the extent of this process when I signed up, but am SO glad that I signed up for your course. You provided the feedback and encouragement I needed. As a result, I am SO much more confident when I go to work with clients! That being said, I'm also now even more aware of specific areas of weakness and can take steps to mitigate those. All in all this was such an awarding experience! It has been fantastic to learn from a Master! - Ashley Anne Spencer-Smith, Consilium Careers

I want to thank you for your extensive feedback for the Tricky Situations assignment. I have taken several "on line" programs and your comments are more extensive and helpful than any others I have received so I wanted to say thanks. It was particularly useful to get the reminders about quantifiable metrics, frontloading results, and writing bullets with result through action to overcome challenges. I appreciate it that you took so much time to critique the work. - Mary Ann Victor, MAV Associates, LLC

Change of sign method coursework on resume

Professional Resume / CV Writing Service

An investment in a quality professional resume can change the course of your life and increase your earning potential

Your resume/cv and cover letter are the most important documents that will set you apart from other job applicants.

The front page of your resume needs to be crafted in a way that provides a clear one page snapshot that sells your employment potential and is targeted to your career goals. It can make the difference between getting an interview, or not getting an interview. See the difference between cv and resume

I f you already have a resume or curriculum vitae (cv) and you are not getting interviews then your resume or your targeting is not right. There are two ways to get a powerful resume/cv that meets the high standards demanded in the global economy.

We know that many people cannot afford the professional resume writing serviceand this is understandable.However, remember every day you put off getting your resume crafted you are losing money. We have provided you with the best option towrite your own resume. it is coincidental that it also happens to be the best value for money you will ever get. So skip ahead totheperfect resume.

Professional Resume/CV Writing Service

Have your resume / cv professionally written to increase your changes of getting the crucial job interview. You need to get results and get them fast.

Resume writing requires a strategic plan.

Each person is unique and their experiences and goals will differ. Your resume writer will ensure all your targeted employment skills and qualities are utilised in your professional document by providing you with an in-depth information gathering questionnaire and your resume writer will assist you along the way.

A resume with a front page that is not backed up, or substantiated with knowledge and/or experience in the employment history section will be noticed by an experienced recruiter or employer.

When considering making an investment in a professionally written resume, consider the qualifications of the Resume Consultant and the processes that take place to get a powerful message across.

Annemarie Cross is Australia's only triple certified professional resume writer / career coach to be published in 15 internationally-leading career books.

She also holds eight international certifications in personal branding, resume writing, interviewing and career coaching; and she has received multiple TORI nominations and awards for her outstanding talent in resume writing, since 2002

Annemarie has been a guest speaker on radio and television and was interviewed on ABC radio here in Western Australia.

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How to increase your interview rate from 0% to 100%

simply by incorporating some changes in your resume.

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This eBook is a must have even if you have your resume done professionally. It will help you to keep your resume updated.

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Returning to the workforce? school leaver? or are you making a career change?

T he Motivational Test - T he Knowdell� Skills Card Sort. will help you to identify your transferrable skills and test your motivation. Your transferable skills can be put on your resume.

Other recommended resume and curriculum vitae writing services.

Mike Kelley - Curriculum vitae (cv) writing service-UK and Internationally. Your receive a personalised resume from Mike. He doesn't farm his services out to contractors

LinkedIn Profiles are reasonably new. Check out these resources of go to our specific LinkedIn page.

How to get hired faster on LinkedIn Guerrilla LinkedIn Makeover in by career experts Plus, live examples and real-world case studies from Guerrilla Job Hunters who are using LinkedIn the right way,

Blue Skye Guide To LinkedIn S ee samples of linkedIn profiles

It is necessary to keep your resume /cv updated. Why? For example, to take advantage of internal promotions or to ask for a raise.

It is also possible that you may be head hunted and asked for a resume, or you may just hear about a job you would like to apply for.

Your resume can often be tied to your salary so your additional achievements must be updated.

So don't leave your resume update until you need it. A delay in getting your resume to a prospective employer could cost you a job opportunity or a salary raise.

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IFRS Courses And Certification in India

Advanced IFRS Certification Training Courses

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS ) are designed as a common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries. They are progressively replacing the many different national accounting standards. The rules to be followed by accountants to maintain books of accounts which is comparable, understandable, reliable and relevant as per the users internal or external.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) were introduced by IASB to synchronize the accounting process across the European Union but the value of synchronisation made the IFRS widely used all over the globe. Nevertheless, it has been discussed whether or not de facto harmonization has occurred. Standards that were issued by IASC (the predecessor of IASB) and are still within use today go by the name International Accounting Standards (IAS), while standards issued by IASB are called IFRS.

In this globalized age, national General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is not in that use as IFRS has gone up in the market.

The universal reception of IFRS courses/ IFRS Certification has shaped an impending demand for the IFRS professionals. Corporate firms now prefer to recruit the candidates who are proficient with these international standards along with common specialisation in finance and accounting.

Who may do this course?

There is a huge demand for IFRS professionals. Youth and other professional who plan to build career in finance and accounting will have dazzling opportunities.

Depth of the IFRS course

Financial statements are a structured representation of the financial positions and financial performance of an entity. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are intended to be made in common universal language for the smooth business affairs so that the company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries.

Aim of IFRS training is to present financial position, financial performance and cash flows of an entity. To achieve this aim, IFRS endows with information about an entity's like assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses, along with profit and loss as well as the contributions by and distributions to owners in their capacity as owners and cash flows.

This information, along with other information in the notes, assists users of financial statements in predicting the entity's future cash flows and, in particular, their timing and certainty.

Moreover professionals learn how to fairly present and compliance with IFRS, accumulate basis of accounting, materiality & aggregation, offsetting as well as how to regulate reporting.

Recognised Certification Bodies

ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants: Global body for finance and accounts professionals.

AICPA - American Institute of CPAs: World’s largest member association with more than 400,000 finance professionals located across 145 countries

Online Training Provider

IFRS Online Course on ‎- for details Click Here

Modes of training for IFRS

There are two modes of learning – Classroom Training and Online Training.

Classroom training is for the professionals who are convenient in attending face to face lectures and have time to learn in a group. Wherein, Online is best for the working individuals who can study as per the time availability.

Online Learning saves a lot of time but attending classroom training is the best way to learn methods. One can discuss business issues and take out the resolution in group learning.

Career Outcomes

People with Advanced IFRS Certification Training Courses earns 78% higher salary


Jobs in the market

Resume Examples

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