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British Social Policies Promote The Heterosexual And Family Way Of Life at

The past two decades have seen fierce battles, still continuing over such issues as gender equality in the workplace; family policy; the crisis of marriage; divorce; abortion; contraceptive and reproductive rights; gay and lesbian sexuality; rape and sexual abuse; sex education, AIDS and issues of sexual health. Through it all, the state and its institutions, police, judiciary, education system, legislature, have all intervened actively seeking to define the limits of what David Evans (1993) calls 'Sexual Citizenship' (Dunphy; 2000:5).

It is in this context that the essay will first give a brief overview to the social construction of homosexuality by considering the work of Foucault. From this it can then explore some aspects of state regulation with regards to sexual behaviour, and examine how state policy has sought to encourage and promote certain forms of behaviour, and discourage, penalise and repress others. The essay will discuss how the heterosexist state has, in recent decades, sought to promote discrimination and cast non-heterosexuals in the role of second-class citizens. The essay will conclude by evaluating some of New Labour's policies to show that at present state policies still promote the heterosexual and family way of life.

According to Foucault, sexuality was shaped by a certain way of thinking, discourses and binary oppositions such as the forbidden/allowed, normal/abnormal, acceptable/unacceptable (1984:90,159 & 184). Normal sexuality was reproductive and other forms were abnormal and perversions. These discourses constructed the norms of modern Western sexuality, what was acceptable and what was not (1984:53). In this view then it is not surprising that up until 1967 the relationships of homosexual men were completely criminalized (Bamforth; 1997:31), and gay and lesbians faced fierce discrimination within society and the state.

In light of this then perhaps an obvious place to begin any discussion of the role of the British state in promoting.

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She followed six families through a whole day and much of a night, and sat on the edge of Amerco s parking lot to see when people started work and when they left. This study raises disturbing questions about the impact of time on contemporary lives. The excessive demands of work create stresses at home because there is insufficient time to do everything. This is especially hard on women who bear the brunt of housekeeping chores,

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and on children, whose emotional needs require time with parents. Except for some older men, the people Hochschild interviews are aware of and concerned about the implications of this time bind. What is surprising, consequently, is their failure to take on reduced workloads, flex time, and other components of the company s effort to help employees balance the demands of work and home. While supporting the existence of these policies, only a few employees take

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advantage of them. Fears about job security and career advancements are present, of course, but many employees were uninterested in such options because they perceived work, not home, as the less stressful and more emotionally fulfilling environment. With the employees family s on the brink of disaster and parents feeling perpetually out of control of their children s lives and their own, the office or factory floor ends up providing a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, camaraderie and

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overall job satisfaction to these workers. Unfortunately, after uncovering this surprising reversal of standard expectations, Hochschild buries it by simply assuming it is a passion. By escaping from the home by going to work reflects a dynamic with costs, but it also suggests a need to reconsider common conceptions of what constitutes a satisfying life. Hochschild s solution is a time movement, and organized grassroots movement that would join feminists with labor activists, professionals

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with the factory workers, men with women. Hochschild proposes that the coalition begin by pushing companies to judge on merit rather then time spent at work, to move to a 35-hour work week and to give workers across the board greater job security would begin to create a better family and work balance for its employees. Rivethead, by Ben Hamper, is Hamper s description of his career as a General Motors factory worker in Flint, Michigan.

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A fourth generation shoprat. Hamper explains how an irresponsible father, numerous siblings, and his own tendency for laziness, drugs, and drinking pointed directly to a future in the factory, despite his inclinations toward poetry and music. This book is a glimpse into the life on the General Motors car and truck assembly line, showing the lived experiences of people that have now become transparent voices in mainstream American society. In 1977 he reluctantly began working in the

Chapter I - Down the Rabbit-Hole Image: Lewis Carroll Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing.

cab shop at GM. Ranging from his experience to his retirement ten years later, Hamper writes of the monotonous blue-collar work of factory labor in a very dark humor manner. Hamper describes his factory job as very monotonous, filled with repeated layoffs and call-backs. Hamper and co-workers participate in extensive daily on-the-job alcohol and drug consumption in attempts to pass the time of their mind-numbing, repetitive nature of work. Hamper is perceptively critical of American business

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management, practice, and values throughout the book, and nearsightedly finds little worth or integrity in his fellow workers as in himself. The lack of desire to climb the career ladder, even finding ways to avoid work altogether, is quite prevalent throughout the book as he seeks to please no one, not even himself, even though he succeeds beyond even his expectations. The major issues in Rivethead that are to blame for this type of worker behavior is the lack

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of job satisfaction along with work/family conflicts. Besides Hamper s quest to go bowling with GM chairman Roger Smith, Hamper is constantly displaying a need for an easier and more rewarding job. Other issues not related to actual job duties affect worker job satisfaction as well, such as the desire to more comfortably combine work and life. The work/family conflict is seen through the time constraints that limit him and other factory workers from spending time with family.

By Bell Tony [1] Postmodernist discourses are often exclusionary even when, having been accused of lacking concrete relevance, they call attention to and appropriate the experience of "difference" and "otherness".

These time constraints create added stress at home on top of the existing problems that cause for a dysfunctional family. These stresses push parents/spouses into escaping these home ridden tensions by working longer hours in the factory. The less time spent at home and more time spent at work creates a vicious cycle that is eating away at all American families. Analysis The two major issues of work that I am going to analyze from a sociological standpoint

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By: Eng. 102 Section 5541 Crapsi Combination Outline Introduction Revue of Sources Body: Thesis: Ronald "Dutch" Reagan is an elite kind of person that believed in perseverance and.

are the work/family conflict and

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Government Social Policies essay topics, buy custom Government Social Policies essay paper sample cheap, service

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In the past five decades the Government social policies have consistently undermined the bedrock of human existence; institutions of family and marriage. The government has formulated enacted and implemented policies which have contributed to the degradation and fragmentation of the family and marriage institutions. The social welfare programs since their inception in 1960s have disintegrated the social fabric of the American society; family and marriage. The results are high divorce rate, female-headed households or single-parenthood, socio-economic breakdown.

Social policies on family and marriage have served to erode and disintegrate the family structure and marriage. The introduction of social welfare programs was a noble idea but the government lost it when they adopted policies which consequently led to high divorce rates, single-parenthood, increasing rates of delinquency, and dysfunctional families.

Increasing cases of Single-Parenthood and Divorce

Social welfare policies have contributed to increase in single-families and divorce.

The government policy of an increase in cash handouts to women, who sire as much children, contributes to them being socially and economically handicap. This promotes a culture of laziness, lack of self-motivation for personal development. It also denies fathers the chance to take care of their responsibilities.

According to data by U.S Bureau of Census on Current Population Survey carried out between 1970 and 1980s concluded increase cases of divorce and single-mothers. All these effects amidst the social programs created with a view to provide socio-economic benefits for Americans.

Social policies are created with a view to enhance a better and functional society. The government needs to institute social policies which will promote and uphold the dignity of society. The social policies should encourage healthy family structures and solid rock marriage. In 1960, the regulation of divorce was mandated to the U.S Supreme Court and the states. This paved way for increase cases of divorce since then. This is evident with the current number of divorce cases and single-motherhood, and or single-parenthood.

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First of all, Patriarchy and Second World War are the main factors to family of the ‘Golden Age’. According to German (1981), in early days, women must struggle for their rights as that is the time when both the households and society are men-dominated. The ‘Golden Age’ portrayed husband as ‘breadwinner’ of household and wife as ‘home maker’. A social norm is marriage is for ‘life’ and a family was built up by a pair of heterosexual couple with dependent children. To explain further, conservative thinkers stated “family is a place of offspring reproduction, protection of children’s safety, inculcation of proper values on children” (Hughes and Fergusson, 2004, p.60). Also, “hierarchy and stability” are the two important elements to maintain a healthy family and society (ibid.). On the other hand, changes in family structure were related to rising needs for stability and people’s thought of family as a unit after the World War II (WWII) and probably can help reordering of a ‘healthy’ society after a war. Later, the situation of only men working out to earn money did not last long after WWII as the UK’s economy was depraving and thus women need to work to keep it.

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Policy Report on Eradicating Child Poverty: The Introduction of Social Exclusion and the Children's Fund.

This piece of work will try to discuss the underlying principles of New Labour's pledge of eradicating child poverty by 2020. However due to a whole raft of proposals that have since been developed, the essay will look at the Children's Fund (CF) as one of the measures introduced in tackling Childhood poverty, by identifying children and young people at greater risk of social exclusion. The essay will incorporate an overview of the CF, whilst trying to look in greater detail as to why social exclusion was a high priority for New Labour. The essay will also incorporate the notion that New Labour regard Children as an ‘investment' that needs to nurtured into future working citizens, thus creating the next generation into full active citizens contributing to the economy, rather than recipients of welfare.

New Labour came to power on May 1st 1997 under the leadership of Tony Blair, Levitas (1998) discusses that almost immediately, he spoke on how he envisaged a renewed Britain, where every citizen would unite and share values and the vision was to ensure that no citizen would be excluded. Later in 1999, at the ‘Beveridge Revisited' lecture, he spoke on how the welfare reforms would give ‘all' children the support they would need to break the cycle of deprivation and stressed the importance of ‘investing in our children' Platt (2005:115-118). It was at this time he spoke of the need to eradicate Child poverty within twenty years. New Labour had inherited an economy from the Thatcher/Major regime of which according to Featherstone (2004:88) was modest and lacked willingness in relation to family support. The Thatcher regime did not portray the traditional government concerned with traditional family values, ‘despite the rhetoric and the presence of diverse pro-family pressure groups', it failed to paint ‘a picture of a conservatism centrally concerned with the family and traditional values', and was even more bleak under John Major. According to Fox-Harding (1999) cited in Featherstone (2004) the mixed message shows a conflict of right wing ideology from ‘economic liberalist and traditional authoritarian conservatives' regarding the family values approach and the ideology of the right.

According to Scott, Campbell & Brown (2002), New Labour whilst addressing the idea of poverty, prefer to use the term ‘social exclusion' as the rationale to understanding the process, of enabling every citizen the opportunity to partake within society ,denied services or experience social and economic isolation, thus making all citizens ‘socially included'. The Government has defined social exclusion as "when individuals or areas suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime environments, bad health and family breakdown." but also social exclusion can have a wider meaning "which encompasses the exclusion of people from the normal exchanges, practices and rights of society' (Neighbourhood Renewal 2007)

Levitas (1996:7) argues that the terminology of social exclusion and the way it is currently used ‘absolutely obscures the question of material inequality it was originally intended to illuminate', suggesting that the notion of the poor being socially excluded became popular in the UK during the 60's and 70's due to research carried out by Townsend (1979) that there was a ‘level of income below which people were unable to participate in the normal life of the society with which they were supposedly a part' as cited in Levitas, (1996:7). In her discussion, she regards Townsend as a major player in highlighting the existence of ‘relative poverty' as a lack of material resources, and by re-introducing the notion of poverty back into political debate. Levitas (1996) expands by claiming that the connection between social exclusion and the roots of unequal distribution of wealth commented on by Townsend has been obscured, "The link made here is centrally between exclusion and unemployment, not primarily exclusion and poverty" ibid (1996:8). Individuals are seen as being socially excluded as a result of their lack of participation within the job market. Furthermore, she re-iterates that the overall aim of social policy should be to re-integrate individuals who experience social exclusion by means of paid employment. She argues that she fundamentally believes that social exclusion is caused by poverty, and by simply attaching people to the labour market does not provide long term solutions, for example low paid workers do not necessarily participate within society due to a lack of disposable income, thus they are not socially included, she concludes by explaining

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Below is an essay on "Examine the Way in Which Laws and Social Policies Affect the Family" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Examine the way in which laws and social policies affect the family.
A family is a group consisting of one or more parents and their child/children who liv e together as a family unit. Structures include the nuclear family, extended family, reconstituted family, lone-parent and same-sex families. The actions and polices of the government can sometimes have a profound effect on families and their members: e.g. cross-cultural examples from different society’s and historical periods can show us some of the more extreme ways in which the state policies can affect family life. This can help us to see the relationship between families and social policies in a new light. Social policies refers to the plans and actions of the government agencies, this usually based on laws that provide the framework within which these agencies operate. Sociologists agree that social policy can have an important influence on family life, they all hold different views about what kind of effects it has and whether these are desirable.
Functionalists see society as built on harmony and consensus, and free from major conflicts. They see the state as acting in the interests of society as a whole and its social policies as being for the good for all and helping families perform their functions more effectively and make life better for their members. Ronald Fletcher argues that the introduction of health, education and housing policies in the years since the industrial revolution has gradually led to the development of a welfare state that supports the family in performing its functions more effectively e.g. the introduction of national health service allows the family today to take better care of their members when they are sick. The functionalist view has been criticised on two man counts: It assumes that all members of the family benefit from social policies, where feminists argues that the policies often benefit men at the expense of women. It also assumes there is a ‘march of progress’ that.

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FREE Essay on Introduction to Social Work Practice Introduction to Social Work Practice

The purpose of this paper is to create a make up 'group' that would appropriately support the DSS agency, whose goals include support, prevention and treatment of abused and neglected children and their families. There are many people this group might pertain to, including abused children, friends and family members of abused children, family members that abuse and even adult children from abusive familial relationships. For purposes of this paper the researcher explores a group consisting of family members who have been abused including children and potentially a second group of reformed family members who are trying to prevent abusive relationships within their family and community.

Needs And Problems Facing The Agency

The DSS agency is a child-driven, family-centered, community-focused and strengthen based agency committed among other things to diversity within the community and cultural competence as well as committed learning. The agency focuses specifically on child abuse and neglect, hence specialized trainers and social workers experienced working with abused populations to enable better group participation and ensure children's safety in a nurturing and resilient work environment.

The strengths of the agency include a diverse network of dedicated specialty workers and social workers and families committed to improving relationships in the community and support for victims and family members of abuse and neglect. The program addresses the needs of not only children but also families and community members. The needs of the group will include ongoing support and counseling to help address internal and external factors that may be contributing to the group dynamic. Steps taken to ensure maximum participation include delivering educational material to community members and family members defining the group's purpose, schedule and expectations of members within the community. At this point the agency does have a l.

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