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American Dream Essay, Research Paper The American

American Dream Essay, Research Paper

The American Dream

What is the American Dream? Is it fame? Is it fortune? President Franklin

Roosevelt explained the American Dream as freedom of speech, freedom of

religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. (AAC) I think that the

American Dream is different for everyone. It is simply the urge for a better life.

The American Dream is still valid but is totally different from what it used to be.

For the early immigrants the American Dream was a better life not with

material goods, but by freedom. Freedom to worship whoever they want.

Freedom to say whatever they want without fear of being arrested or shot. (AAC)

This Dream stayed with America untill the 1900’s. That’s when things started to

change. Norman Rockwell was a famous artist during 1910’s through the 1930’s.

Rockwell drew pictures of the American dream during his time. His art of the

American dream consisted of families having a great time, or of a happily

married couple. (Rockwell) The American Dream was happiness with a family or

The ending of war caused the American Dream to completely changed. I

think it’s because we no longer had to worry about freedom, we filled the gap of

freedom with wealth.The American Dream is now to marry a beautiful wife, start

a family, and become rich. It’s turned into greed. Everyone’s dream is to become

just like Bill Gates. People no longer do their work because they enjoy it. They

do their work because of the money. A perfect example of this is pro baseball.

When Major League Baseball first started the players did it because they loved

the game and loved playing in front of the huge audiences. They got paid low

wages but still plated the game because they loved it. Major League players

these days complain because they’re not getting paid enough when they are

making millions of dollars a year. Kids set their goal to become a pro baseball

player so that they can earn millions of dollars too.

Arthur Miller does a great job illustrating the new, corrupted American

Dream in his play “Death of a Salesman.” Arthur Miller shows us that the

American Dream is valid, but those who hope to substitute popularity and lucky

breaks for hard work are likely to fail. Miller does this by using characters such

as Willy Lowman who can’t achieve his American Dream of becoming rich and

In Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman makes two grave mistakes

while trying to achieve his American Dream. Willy grew up believing that being

“well-liked” was important to becoming a success. (Death, Homewok hotline) He

believed that being well-liked could help you charm your boss and open doors in

the business world. (Garrison) A perfect example is on page 64 when Willy is

preparing Biff for a job interview with Oliver. He says “Don’t wear a sport jacket

and slacks when u see Oliver. Wear a business suit, and talk as little as

possible, and don’t crack any jokes.” (Miller, Death of a Salesman) This just

shows how worried he is about being accepted. I think this is what caused Willy

to fail. He worked his hardest trying to suck up to people and become popular

when he should have just worked harder at his job.

Miller also uses Charlies son Bernard to contrast Willie’s thoughts and

help show that anyone can achieve their American Dream. Willy thinks Bernard

is a physically unattractive, spectacles-wearing, anemic, pathetic little lad.

(Elsom) Bernard gives Biff the right answers to the exams in math. In exchange

for this, Biff lets Bernard carry his shoulder pads into the locker room at game

time so that he can get some attention and feel like “part of the group.” Bernard

is not “well liked.” by his former class mates at all. He is the total opposite of Biff.

Bernard and Willie run into each other at the end of the play at Charlie’s office.

Bernard tells him that he has a case in Washington and Willy says “How did

you? Why didn’t he ever catch on?”(Miller 92) Miller says this because he is

amazed that Bernard got as far as he did. He doesn’t understand why Biff didn’t

get anywhere. It proves to him that you don’t have to be well liked at all to

Willie’s corrupted view of the American Dream also included the belief

that successful people were risk-takers. He thinks that people take risk in order

to “get rich quick.” (Murray) He regrets the fact that he always turned down his

brother’s offer to move to Alaska to make his fortune. He took the huge risk of

trusting Biff to get him to his American dream. (Gardener) He thought that once

Biff became the star athlete, that he could start a successful sporting goods

company. He believes people would be drawn to the company by Biff’s

charisma, athletic ability, and Loman name. Willy should not have put the fate of

his dream into Biff’s hands. Miller had Biff fail to show us what can happen if you

take a huge risk like that and it fails.

Another commonly stated reason for Willie’s failure is the fact that he

chose the wrong career. He truly believed that he was born to be a salesman

and that was how he would make his fortune and gain his success. Since he

chose the wrong profession there is no way that he can succeed. According to

Chester Eisinger, people do not achieve their dream if they choose the wrong

one, and they usually choose the wrong dream because they do not know

Miller also shows us that the American dream is now corrupt and greedy

compared to what it used to be. He shows us that family is one of the most

important elements in the American dream and Miller expresses this many times

throughout the novel. He did this by having Willie’s American Dream cause

problems in his family and personal life. As Willie is trying to pursue his dream

he often lets the family down. There are many flashbacks in the novel to the time

where they lived in Nebraska and how everyone was happy. Willy had a decent

job with good hours and got to spend plenty of his time with his family. He may

not have been the richest or most popular man but he had his freedom, family,

and happiness. If Willy would have never of had such a corrupt American dream

and would have kept it simple he would have lived a happy successful life. This

is Millers way of showing us not to be greedy.

Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman,” provides substantial evidence that

their is still and American Dream today. Most people dream of fortune and fame

but there is still that 10% that dream for a job they enjoy and strive for a lovely,

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Have you ever written an essay on American dream. Probably only the citizens in America will be able to answer this question. Imagine if you gave your students an essay on American dream. The answers you will get will be very amazing and very different. Therefore the American dream essay can be written from a vast context. What happens to students who were not born and raised in America? What is their American dream that is if they have any?

These are just a few examples that students could use to write an essay on the American dream. American dream essay titles are therefore vast. It means different things to different people. The main thing that students should do is to ensure that they work hard to achieve that American dream. At the end of the day there is nothing to achieve and work hard for if you do not have a dream.

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Because the American dream is such a common theme in movies, plays, literature, and television, it’s no wonder that the American dream essay is so frequently assigned to students. The American dream is such a personal thing that most people define it in many different ways. For example, a new immigrant to the United States may have a different idea of what achieving the American dream means than somebody whose family has been in the states for centuries. All of these different points of view mean that there are a lot of a limitless number of ways to approach a what is American dream essay. If you are interested in writing a great essay on this topic, please stick around. We’ll begin with some great topic ideas for your essay, and then we’ll continue on with a few essay writing tips.

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FREE Essay on What is The American Dream What is The American Dream

What is the American dream? Many people have different opinions on the

definition of the American dream. Some writers think of the American dream as a

Utopian society. In a Utopian society, the people are an example of the way the Earth should be, without crime and punishment. The common person may think the American dream is how rich other people are or how many expensive possessions they own. Years ago the American dream was to have a home with a white picked fence, two children and live happily ever after. The American dream, in my opinion, has changed during time. Today people are rushing to find the American dream but do they really find what the American dream once was? There are many writers that have different opinions on what the American dream means. The American dream has changed tremendously as a result of the literary impact it had on its early civilization in England.

The new world perfected its vision of a new American dream, the dream of

freedom and wealth. Benjamin Franklin "Information to Those Who Would Remove to

America” inspired people in Europe to come to the new world. Other writers like Phillip Freneau illustrated the new world and brought out the beauty of this new land. In the early eighteen-century authors like Emerson and Whitman used Romanticism and intuition to build up the idea of the American dream.

The puritans were among the first Europeans to inhabit the northeast area and they also had an American dream. Their dream was to escape the religious persecution of England and come to the new world to build a Utopian society. John Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity” is one of the best examples that portrays the dreams of thenew individuals. He refers to this place as a "city upon a hill” (225) the dream of workingtogether along with the help of God to overcome the dangers of the new world. Towards

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Direct Essays. "What is The American Dream.", (January 01, 2000). Web. 05 Aug. 2016.

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What is american dream essay - more than 7, 000 students trust us to do their work

What is the American Dream? Many hope for the same things, such as money, an education, good health, safety, a home, jobs, money, and.

Despite this, the American Dream is just as relevant to American culture today as it was in the last century. In this essay, we will explore the American dream and.

The American Dream Essay English 1A. I chose this essay because I spent a lot of time working on it and i feel it showed my ability to write efficiently and.

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Yes, “the American Dream” is a surprisingly recent coinage; you'd think that these. The Epic of America is an offbeat piece of work—a sweeping, essayistic.

Oct 7, 2012. The American dream is something common to all people, but it is something that everyone views in different ways. The American dream is.

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Custom Essay �What is the American dream? � - Custom Essay Blog

Custom Essay �What is the American dream?�

The notion of American Dream is known in most countries of the world. In the largest of its meanings it is related first of all to the freedom of each individual, either citizen or resident of the country; this freedom is supposed to allow people set their own life goals and have the freedom of choice, how to achieve them. Very often this phrase meant also good perspectives of younger generations of American people, i.e. grow up in good life conditions, get good education and bright career perspectives afterwards. Certainly American Dream makes null and void all race, religion, caste and so on restrictions, giving the equal possibilities to all people.
There are numerous modifications and additions to this general explanation, for example sometimes American Dream is used referring to immigrants � people, who decide to move to a different country in order to achieve better life level and financial success, which they were not able to reach in their native lands. For many decades America has been considered to be a country, in which everybody has the chance, corresponding to his talents and ambitions and efforts, irrespective of the position of their family in society and wealth.

Historically the notion and understanding of American Dream was also changed several times. Thus for example during the times after Great Depression, it became too much associated with wealth. During drugs and alcohol prohibition times, there were businessmen, who managed to make a lot of �quick� money by selling the banned products. Certainly this interpretation of American Dream is rather a distortion of it, because pure financial interests can not be considered as the only life goals in any country and for any individual.
Overall, the notion of American Dream is rather well known and although having differing interpretations, has the general meaning of individual�s freedom and freedom of choice.

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WHAT IS THE AMERICAN DREAM. IS IT A MYTH OR REALITY The are many definitions and many attitudes to the term American Dream. There is no unique definition of the term. however. I can schematically define it a realized desire of the lower or middle class person to live a successful and satisfying life due to the hard and persistent work and personal qualities. The term of American dream appeared within the framework of American capitalism. which is closely associated with the notions of meritocracy alongside with freedoms. which are guaranteed by the

U .S Bill of Rights

American Dreams from the very beginning was the driving motif of many people to migrate to the USA from different parts of the word in search of better life. It was also idea fix of the majority of American population. For many it became true for others it led to complete failure. So. I 'd like to find out whether American Dream is a reality or a myth

First of all I 'd like to day that any viewpoint in this question is subjective. I consider that American Dream is no longer possible and it became only a myth. however. I don 't deny its existence in the early 20th century

In fact. many of the opponents of the American Dream consider that the USA fails to provide necessary conditions for people to realize their American Dream. It is enough for the person in the US to obtain a highly paid position simply on the basis of the personal characteristics and diligence. All employers want to see people with college or university degree on their high paying positions jobs. In its turn. higher education is obtained not for free and costs from 10 ,000 up to 40 ,000 per year at some prestigious colleges. Besides there are critics. who criticize American dream from the position of social justice considering it as promoting an ethic of selfishness and promoting social inequality (Herbert. 2005

According to the traditional opinion American Dream is the ability of hardworking people to perform well in their life. to pay their monthly bills with easiness and fully support their parents in their old age give their children a good start and even live happily ever after they retire. However. for the majority of middle-class Americans barely make the ends meet in the contemporary life. where the prices constantly rise. wages decrease. credit-card debts grow (Wallechinsky. 2006

Even trying to think objectively I faced the problem that American Dream is simply impossible illusion in the 21st century. when the Earth is overcrowded with over six billion people. The thing is that it 's impossible to provide the conditions of American Dream because the resources of the Earth are exhaustible

The American Dream states that a person can attain anything he /she wants and nobody will appear in the worse position because of this. However we can see some discriminatory notes in this. It implies that everybody can become wealthy and.

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The American Dream Essay

The American Dream Essay

The American dream is something common to all people, but it is something that everyone views in different ways. The American dream is different for everyone, but they share some of the same aspects of it. The dream is dependent mainly on the setting of where one lives and one‘s social status. For example, The Declaration of Independence was by Thomas Jefferson, who was an upper class white male. He wanted freedom, but freedom for people like himself that were white landowning males. Martin Luther King, in his I Have a Dream speech, also called for freedom, but mostly for African Americans like himself. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in his book The Great Gatsby, that he would have liked to eliminate the idle rich, which he was a part of. Every American dream is somewhat different, but they all relate to the times that one lives in.

In The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson asked for equality for white landowning males. His American dream was to be free from Britain and to be treated equally. This dream only included people like himself, that were white men who owned land. The people that signed the document were all part of that class. They were the people leading the revolution, so Jefferson thought they should be the ones reaping the benefits. In the text, it talks about “the merciless Indian Savages.” Obviously they were not included as being equal. Jefferson also wrote “We…the Representatives of the united States of America…” He was referring to himself and everyone who signed The Declaration of Independence, none of whom were women or black. Jefferson also wrote “…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…” He specifically used the word “men,” when he could have said “all people” instead. This also shows how his dream was for all men to be treated equally. Jefferson’s dream is different from Martin Luther King’s dream in the specifics, but in the whole they are the same dream. Both want equality for their people, the people that are in the same class and race they are in. Jefferson’s dream is fairly different than F. Scott Fitzgerald’s dream in principal, but the dreams are similar in that they both want change for the better. Their dreams also focused on the social class they belonged to.

Martin Luther King’s American dream is to have equality for everyone, but namely African Americans. In his I Have a Dream speech, he said, “…we must face the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free.” He was saying that even though America is supposed to be a free country, African Americans were really not free and treated equally. King said, “…the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.” African Americans were not given good job opportunities. They were isolated and it was hard for them to live comfortably when all the families with white males could have high paying jobs and affords the comforts of life. He also said, “This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned.” King was referring to The Declaration of Independence, which had been aimed to gain equality for white males. Colored citizens were not included in it, and this was wrong. King was saying how the document was supposed to promise freedom for all people, but that this was not true at all. African Americans were not free, and they had to live a hard life full of segregation and discrimination. He did not really ask for equality of all people though, like Asian or Hispanic people, but mainly black people like himself. This makes King’s American dream very similar to Jefferson’s American dream because they both wanted equality for their people. The dream is different from Fitzgerald’s dream, but they are similar because they both demanded positive change and they focused on their specific social classes.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s American dream was to eliminate the idle rich. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald showed his distaste for them. One character, Tom, had an affair with another women. Tom brushed it off as nothing when talking about it. He lied to his wife Daisy quite often, so he could get away from her for a weekend. Fitzgerald showed how this was wrong, and that it should be stopped. Gatsby, another character, would throw parties all of the time. Anyone would come, even if they didn’t know Gatsby. The partiers made a lot of noise at late hours of the night and left big messes for the maids to clean up in the morning. Fitzgerald was showing how the rich are careless. They have no respect for anyone and only think of themselves. Also, when Gatsby died, no one attended his funeral. This showed how all his rich “friends” didn’t even care enough to come to his funeral. Fitzgerald was a part of the idle rich. He had a good amount of money, drank a lot, partied often, and had affairs. His American dream related to the class that he was a part of, just like Jefferson and King. All of their dreams dealt with the part of society they belonged to. Fitzgerald wanted change like the others too, but he wanted to change who he was. Jefferson and King wanted to change other people’s perspective of them.

Jefferson, King, and Fitzgerald’s American dreams shared similarities. All of their dreams had to deal with the social class they belonged to. Jefferson’s dream dealt with white landowning males, King’s dream dealt with African Americans, and Fitzgerald’s dream dealt with the idle rich. All of their dreams also dealt with change for the better. My American dream is to go to college, have an enjoyable job, get married, have kids, and have a nice house. My dream is probably what most upper-middle class people aspire for. This makes my dream similar in that it deals with my social class. It is also a change for the better. I don’t want to live in my parents’ house all my life. The American dream is universal in that everyone hopes for positive change and that the change deals with their place in society. The American dream something that everyone aspires for, even if it is hard to accomplish. It is the thing that keeps people going.

This academia was first published 28 Mar 2005 and last revised 15 Feb 2016. Adam Cap is a sometimes raconteur, rare dingus collector, and webmaster probably best known for SixPrizes (serving as “El Capitan”) and PkmnCards (read: fine art purveyor). He scrapbooks yonder every minute or three.

17 Mar 2005. 2 min. 399 view

When the stock market crashed in 1929, all people were affected. People who had invested their life savings in the stock market were crippled. Even those who did not invest money in the stock market were hurt because all the money they put into the bank was lost. Farmers were also hurt badly because the value.

What is the American Dream? A Look at Our Past and Present at

Why is the American Dream today so different then from a long time ago?

The American Dream back in the late twenty's and the early thirty's were basically money with the great depression going on. With that happening the American Dream to everyone was a nightmare. To them, once the land of opportunity was now the land of desperation. The people asked the maxims on what they based their life's on. Their life's were democracy, capitalism, and individuals. Between 1929 and 1932 the income between the average American family was reduced by forty percent from $2,300 to $1,500. Survival became the key word. The institutions, attitudes, lifestyles changed in this decade but democracy prevailed. Democracies suck as Germany and Italy fell to dictatorships, but the United States and its constitution survived.

Later on in 1963 there was a man named Martin Luther King Jr. His dream was for all people of the black race to have freedom and there security of justice. He wanted somehow this situation can and will be changed, his speech changed everything. From people sitting in the back of the bus or not riding at all or from have drinking fountains or using the same bathrooms Martin wanted to end that. Later on after his speech The people from the black race were later on equal and treated the same as the whites were. Its just too bad that Martin couldn't see his dream like most of us do but he would be happy to know that his dream came true.

The American Dream to me has changed now. Back then the American dream was basically the same to everyone. Now everybody has a different American Dream one could be to live a happy life with a family and kids or another could be they just want to be.

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