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200 Words Essay On A Stitch In Time Saves Ninel

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535 Words Essay on a stitch in time saves nine

535 Words Essay on a stitch in time saves nine

'A stitch in time Saves Nine' is a well-known proverb and is most widely used. It means that a cloth which is torn must be stitched at once. The delay may increase the size of the torn portion and consequently many more stitches may be required. But this is not the only meaning that the above proverb explains.

It has hidden many more meanings in itself. We can also say that evil should be nipped in the bud to avoid future troubles. If it is not put down in the very beginning, it may become out of control and may prove disasterous. Hence, the proverb has much truth and wisdom and we should not ignore them otherwise our life may be hell.

In our day to day life the truth of the proverb will be cleared. Just take the example of a small child. The child is innocent. He does not know what is good and what is bad. Hence he may acquire bad habits along with good ones in the process of growth. Now it becomes the duty of the parents to check the evils then and there.

If the parents overtook them thinking that their child is very small they would grow and would give rise to many other, evil habits. If a growing child steals something in the school and brings it at home, he should be at once taken to otherwise the habit of stealing will take its root with the growth of the child. And then it will be difficult for the parents to uproot that evil. Similarly if a child tells a lie, his parents, without waiting for another lie, must put down this bad habit on the very moment.

This is the right way and by going through right way we will never be in the grip of any trouble. Hence we must keep it in mind that time is the most important factor and if we fail to do any work at the right time, it may be very troublesome for us.

We can prove the truth of the proverb through the well- known story of the boy who acquires the bad habit of stealing due to his mother's carelessness. His mother, overpowered by greed, never discouraged him for this evil act and became happy to get valuable things one after another.

As a result petty thefts soon led on to much greater thefts and ultimately he was sentenced to be hanged till he was dead on the charge of dacoity and murder. But before going to be hanged, he wished to say a few words to his mother. When his mother came he pretended as if he wanted to whisper something in her ears. But when she came nearer, he cut off her ears and told her that it was she who made him embrace such a disgreacetful death. If she had taught him a lesson of good habits, he would have never become a dacoit and murderer.

Nowadays we see many evils have got their roots in the society. As a result there are cases of murder, kidnapping, chain-snatching, smuggling, etc. These activities are in existence because they were not nipped in the very beginning.

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Why Do People Say “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”?

Why Do People Say “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”?

Have you ever heard one of your grandparents say, “A stitch in time saves nine"? They may have uttered this phrase with a wise nod of the head after a subtle recommendation to do something now. rather than waiting until later. You may have thought, “Saves nine what ?" If so, read on…

“A stitch in time saves nine" is an idiom. which is a phrase whose symbolic or intended meaning is different from the literal meaning of the words themselves.

Historians believe it first appeared in print in 1732 in Thomas Fuller's Gnomologia, Adagies and Proverbs, Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British. Of course, if Fuller considered this saying to be a proverb in 1732, it was probably around for many years before that.

Its meaning is quite simple: Don't procrastinate! Procrastination means to delay or put off doing something until a later time.

People use “a stitch in time saves nine" to express that it's better to spend a little time and effort to deal with a problem right now than to wait until later, when it may get worse and take longer to deal with. Many believe procrastination — putting off doing something until later — creates more work in the long run.

Although no one knows for sure who came up with this saying or what significance stitches or the number nine have, many people believe it was started by mothers weary of mending their children's clothing.

The phrase thus might be stated more clearly as, “One stitch. in time, saves nine stitches," meaning that mending a tear right away would only require one stitch instead of the 10 stitches necessary later if the tear goes unfixed and worsens.

Many people shorten the phrase to just "a stitch in time." Other similar proverbs include “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and “there's no time like the present."

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So what do you think? Does a stitch, in time, really save nine?

Discuss procrastination with your family. Are there things that they need to do but they've been avoiding? If so, why? What is it about those tasks that make them not want to do them?

Help your children make a list of a couple of things they've been avoiding doing. Actually, if it's easier, just wait until tomorrow to make the list. NOT! Do it with them now !

For each item on their list, ask them to think about some consequences of waiting to accomplish the task. These will obviously vary by task, but they could include things such as too little time to complete the task, poor quality due to rushing to meet a deadline, extra time required to complete a bigger, more difficult task, etc.

For example, if your children are like most, cleaning their room might not be at the top of their list of “fun" things to do. Many children tend to procrastinate, putting off this unpleasant task until it becomes a real chore that takes up a lot of time.

Explain to them that doing a little bit of cleaning every day, though, keeps their room clean all the time and saves them from spending hours on a Saturday when they could be outside instead.

Hopefully, making a list and discussing it with your children will help them see that there are good reasons for doing things sooner rather than later. If they want to keep track of their “to do" list online and feel the satisfaction of checking things off that list as they complete them, go online with them to check out TeuxDeux !

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Stitch in time saves nine essay

Stitch in time saves nine essay

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Essay on stitch in time saves nine

Essay on stitch in time saves nine

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Stitch in time saves nine essay - writing homeworks

All the approaches discussed in the essay plan, is different but it clearly come up to the saying a stitch in time saves nine. As Harris and Reilly 1998 considers.

Jun 28, 2015. 1 Summary; 2 Save notes to Wikipedia. A stitch in time saves nine, and it's easier both physically and cognitively to improve something at the.

Thoreau Essays - Shorewood School District is one of the top districts in. Men say that a stitch in time saves nine, and so they take a thousand stitches today to.

Jun 18, 2009. The meaning is easy to understand. If something needs attention, do it now, rather than wait until the situation becomes progressively worse.

Essay plan, is different but it clearly come up to the saying a stitch in time saves nine. As Harris and Reilly 1998 considers If a process is designed that is not.

Jun 1, 2009. There is, third, a “stitch in time saves nine” economic argument for giving priority to mitigation. Stabilizing climate now will be expensive and.

A stitch in times saves nine, Proverb Stories, Tenses, English Grammar. the proverb implies the meaning PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME.

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stitch in time saves nine essay

Essay Writing On A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Essay Writing On A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

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Essay on stitch in time saves nine

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Over the past two weeks, we’ve looked at sports idioms and food expressions. This week, let’s focus on time idioms and expressions. Here are my top 7 favourite English time idioms and expressions:

to kill time
Meaning: to keep yourself entertained (usually when you are waiting for something).
Example: My train was late so I killed time by reading a book.

a stitch in time saves nine
Meaning: repairing something when before it has time to become seriously damaged is quicker and more effective than waiting until it is more seriously damaged
Example: You really need to get that roof fixed before the rainy season. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine .

big time
Meaning: in an extreme way / very much
Example: My brother loves motorbikes, big time !

time out (noun)
Meaning: a rest or break from an activity
Example: We’ve been working on this proposal all morning. Let’s take a time out come back to it after lunch.

high time
Meaning: time to do something you should have already done
Meaning: It’s high time you called that publisher. You’ve been putting it off for weeks.

time flies
Meaning: time passes quickly
Example: Time flies when you’re having fun.

time is on your side
Meaning: to have plenty of time in which to accomplish a task
Example: We have two weeks until the deadline so time is on our side .